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Russian army combines use of T-80BV tanks and Orlan 10 drones.

| 2019

A tank unit has taken part in the first tactical drill after being rearmed with new modernized T-80BV tanks at a range in the Amur region. For the first time ever, the tank troopers acted jointly with the Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles in all the main phases of the maneuvers, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian army combines use of T 80BV tanks and drones 1
T-80BV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The tank and motorized rifle units were alerted jointly with an engineering group to make a motorized march to designated areas. In the next few days, the shock group was trying to maneuver the outnumbering adversary forces into a pre-prepared ‘fire pocket’. Accurate and prompt reconnaissance data received in real-time made that possible," the ministry said.

The tank troopers jointly with attached forces defeated the enemy step-by-step on the last day of the drills. The advance party had trapped the conditional adversary’s units prior to destroying them. The commander received the firing results from an air reconnaissance trooper and used them to adjust the fire. Some adversary units were stopped by minefields, which had been laid in advance.

The drill’s supervisors highly appreciated the actions of the drones in cooperation with the tank striking force. The new tactics will be analyzed and improved in the future. About 40 tanks and combat vehicles and over 300 servicemen were engaged in the drills.

Russian army combines use of T 80BV tanks and drones 2
Orlan-10 (Picture source: Wikipedia)

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