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New BAZ-6403 truck tractors come in service with Russian TsVO troops.

| 2019

Four new BAZ-6403 truck tractors with a high cross-country capability and with heavy-duty semi-trailers for the transportation of tanks have come in service with the troops of the Central Military District (TsVO), TsVO’s press service said.

New BAZ 6403 truck tractors come in service with Russian TsVO troops
BAZ-6403 tractor unit with ChMZAP-99901-020 trailer and T-80U MBT (Picture souce: Vitaly Kuzmin)

"The tractors joined a separate repairs and restoration regiment of the Chelyabinsk region that was formed in December 2018. The new vehicle will make the regiment’s units much more capable in evacuating heavy armored vehicles in case of malfunction in the absence of good roads," TsVO said.

The BAZ-6403 truck tractor has an 8x8 wheeled formula and is designed to tow semi-trailers on roads of all categories and in the absence of roads. The truck tractor is equipped with a ZPPT-65 heavy duty semi-trailer to transport heavy indivisible cargoes and transportation means. Sideboards can be installed to transport army cargoes. The semi-trailer’s carrying capacity is 63 tons; it weighs 23.8 tons.


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