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MSPO 2019: BUMAR-LABEDY SA presents new modernized Leopard 2PL Main Battle Tank.

| 2019

At MSPO 2019 Defense Industry Exhibition Zaklady Mechaniczne "BUMAR-LABEDY" SA from Gliwice presents for the first time the modernized Leopard 2PL Main Battle Tank in the production version, prepared as part of the Leopard 2A4 tank modernization program used by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

MSPO 2019 BUMAR LABEDY SA presents new modernized Leopard 2PL Battle Tank 925 001
Modernized Leopard 2PL at MSPO 2019, Kielce (Picture source Army Recognition)

The most visible from the outside of the upgrade program of the Leopard 2PL tank against the base Leopard 2A4 is the installation of additional armour modules around the turret. This is expected to significantly increase the tank's armour protection.

When it comes to firepower, the modernization includes, among others, replacement of the hydraulic stabilization systems of the cannon and tower propulsion with electric ones, improvement of the Rh-120 L44 smoothbore gun and its adaptation to new types of modern ammunition (including programmable ones) as well as the installation of a Polish third-generation KLW thermal camera -1 Asteria in the sighting and aiming devices of the commander and gunner.

In addition, the tank received a number of new elements that contribute to ease of use. These include, among others, a new commander's control and monitoring system, day and night driver reversing camera KDN-1 Nyks, modifications to the fire system in the transmission compartment and auxiliary power unit (APU). An explosion-proof system was also installed in the crew compartment and an additional 17 kW electric APU. Finally, additional baskets for additional crew equipment were installed. Towing and evacuation equipment was also adapted to the increased total weight of the tank as a result of modernization.

The Polish Leopard 2PL has improved armour protection. An Advanced Modular Armor Protection (AMAP) composite armour kit, developed by the IBD Deusebroth company of Germany, was fitted to the turret. This armour is a part of Rheinmetall Revolution upgrade package. It uses new nano-ceramic materials and modern titanium and steel alloys. This armour provides a higher level of protection against a wide range of threats. Up-armored turret of the Leopard 2PL offers higher protection than turret of the Leopard 2A5, however, it can not match protection level of the Leopard 2A7. The armour kit is modular, so damaged armour modules can be replaced in field conditions. It is planned that the AMAP armour modules will be produced in Poland under license.


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