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ISDEF 2019: New Pitagone F18 Anti-ram mobile barrier with German certification.

| 2019

The Belgian Company Pitagone presents its latest product of anti-ram vehicle barrier F18 at ISDEF 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel. Pitagone is the first worldwide Company who has received international certification for this kind of system.

New Pitagone F18 Anti ram mobile barrier with German certification ISDEF 2019 defense exhibition Israel 925 001
New Pitagone anti-ram mobile barrier F18 unveils at ISDEF 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel. June 4, 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Pitagone F18 is an anti-ram mobile barrier to make people safe and secure, wherever they meet at events, market, music concerts etc. Its construction makes it almost impossible for vehicles and trucks to pass. The Pitagone anti-terror vehicle barrier is already used by 35 countries around the world including police and defense forces. The Pitagone anti-ram barrier can also be used to protect sensitive sites, borders, high-risk industries and military facilities.

The new Pitagone F18 anti-ram vehicle barrier is a certified system that withstands the impact of a vehicular attack from 7,5 to 18 tons at a maximum speed of 48 km/h.

For greater ease of deployment, PITAGONE anti-rams barriers are fully modular and can be adapted to all surfaces and terrains (including footpaths and slopes). The new F18 anti-ram mobile barrier has a total weight of 39 kg and can be deployed by only one person. The system can be quickly installed on the ground in less than a few seconds without any tools. The design of the F18 anti-ram barrier offers energy and lateral shock absorption.

During a crash test in Germany, a truck of 12 tons was stopped on wet ground on 90° but also on 45°, a unique feature of the Pitagone F18 anti-ram barrier. The front of truck including the engine was also fully destroyed to ensure total truck immobility.

Pitagone also offers an innovative solution to carry 6 units F18 anti-ram barrier in on single rack with a weight of 329 kg.

In recent years, trucks were used in France, Germany and other countries to perform terrorist attacks against civilian people on the street. In December 2016, a driver rammed a truck into a crowded Christmas market in the heart of the German capital, killing at least 12 people and injuring nearly 50. To respond to these new threats, Belgian Company Pitagone has developed the state-of-the-art counter system with its anti-ram mobile barrier which can be easily and quickly installed offering a high level of protection for the citizens.

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