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IDET 2019: PSM presents its PUMA vehicle to replace the BMP-2.

| 2019

This edition of IDET appears to be really important for the Czech Armed Forces because it features the four key candidates for the huge contract the Czech Republic's Armed Forces going on the acquisition of 210 infantry tracked combat vehicle (to replace the BMP-2 of their Army). Among those candidates, PSM is proposing its PUMA to the Czech Armed Forces.

IDET 2019 PSM presents its PUMA vehicle to replace the BMP 2
The PUMA IFV made by PSM on display at IDET 2019, Czech Republic (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

The Czech Army currently operates 185 soviet era BMP-2 (marked as BVP-2 in Czech for bojové vozidlo pěchoty) tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). Those were produced during the 1980s in Czechoslovakia under a licence, and they were the second generation of the BMP-1 originating in the 1960s (the Czech Army has still nearly 170 of those in reserve). Since 2013 options concerning either a modernization of the BMP-2 or its replacement were considered. The vehicles serve with two mechanized battalions of the 7th mechanized brigade, and with several other units.

This edition of IDET will indeed be of great importance for the Czech Armed Forces because it will feature the key candidates for the largest contract in the history of the Czech Republic's Armed Forces worth 53 billion Czech crowns (2,3 billion $US). The 210 infantry tracked combat vehicle contractor (aiming to replace the BMP-2 currently in service in the Czech Armed Forces) is likely to be selected among four companies, including British BAE Systems (CV-90), Spanish General Dynamics European Land Systems (Ascod), and two German companies PSM (PUMA) and Rheinmetall Landsysteme (Lynx).

PSM Projekt System & Management (or PSM) is exhibiting its PUMA infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in an upgraded variant, designated the PUMA S1. It is the newest main weapon system for German Armour Corps and is the next generation armoured infantry fighting vehicle setting new standards for protection, firepower and mobility in its class. More than 250 PUMAS have been so far delivered to the German Bundeswehr. The remaining of the 350 initially contracted PUMA will be delivered and introduced into service by 2020.

PUMA can operate in all mission scenarios and climate zones and is the most capable and modern system of its class. PUMA's modular and unrivalled protection, as well as impressive firepower, ensures its superiority in its class including its ability to seamlessly operate in networked environments and mission scenarios.

The highest possible protection for the crew was one of the prime criteria for the development of the PUMA. Therefore, the PUMA IFV has the highest protection of its class, fully qualified by German authorities and fulfilling the hardest requirements of the German Bundeswehr in order to protect the life of the soldiers that have to operate it.

PSM has also decided to design and develop multiple key capability enhancement packages for the PUMA in order to fulfil additional requirements and quickly react to new customer requirements. These packages result in the development of the capabilities of the vehicle regarding command and control, situational awareness, or even the combat efficiency of the IFV.

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