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Ghana: Kantanka unveils armored vehicle and exoskeleton.

| 2019

The Ghanaian news agency GraphicOnLine has tweeted pictures of a public event, possibly a military parade, in which "interesting" inventions are dynamically displayed, among which an armored personnel (somehow imposing and certainly limited in off-road performances) and exoskeletons that probably don't challenge US, Russian and Chinese ones.

Ghana Kantanka unveils armored vehicles and exoskeleton 2
Armored personnel carrier designed and made in Ghana (Picture source: GraphicOnLine)

Unfortunately, no technical details are available about these home-designed and home-made achievements. Among the several tweets saluting this dynamic display in Ghana, we only reproduce one hereunder.

okay‏ @kentotheworld 2 janv.
Replying to @Graphicgh @kofii_ii and 2 others
Ghana needs weaponry like this .These are futuristic technologies made by our native inventors that needs the right capital to be produced on a large scale. Our armed forces would benefit greatly from this.

Ghana Kantanka unveils armored vehicle and exoskeleton 925 003

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