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New version PIAP Explorer inspection device with small camera MSPO 2017 Poland.

| 2017

The Polish Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements, PIAP presents for the first time during MSPO 2017, defense exhibition in Poland, a new version of its Explorer, a small camera mounted on a telescopic arms. With the new version, it can be connected to a standard mobile phone using a specific program to control the camera.

Explorer PIAP inspection device with camera MSPO 2017 defense exhibition in Poland 925 001 PIAP Explorer inspection device using mobile phone to control a small camera on telescopic mast at MSPO 2017, the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland.

The Explorer is a device designed for inspection of hard to reach and dangerous places. it can be used for different applications such inspection of car chassis, ventilation shafts, manholes or technical corridors.

The Explorer consists of a remote-controlled camera mounted on a telescopic arm which can be deployed from 0.4 to 2.0 m. If needed the camera can also be used with a straight, 4.1 m long, boom or with an adjusted angle boom of 2m.

Owing to LED illuminators built into the camera head, the Explorer can work in different lighting conditions. The camera can also be equipped with IR illuminators.

For the new PIAP Explorer version , a mobile phone is mounted on the arm of the telescopic mast and the camera is connected via the USB port. To control the camera, a joystick is integrated in the arm of the telescopic mast. With the mobile phone is now possible to take pictures, video and to control the brightness of the camera lamps.

Explorer is powered by service-free Li-Ion rechargeable battery, integrated with module of visualization. Special joint in module of visualization makes easy changing of batteries.

Explorer PIAP inspection device with camera MSPO 2017 defense exhibition in Poland 925 002

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