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FT Sistemas unveils new FT-200FH UAV at LAAD 2017 20504171.

| 2017
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LAAD 2017 Online Show Daily News & Official Web TV
International Defence and Security Exhibition
4 - 7 April 2017
Rio, Brazil
FT Sistemas at LAAD 2017
FT Sistemas unveils new FT-200FH UAV at LAAD 2017
FT Sistemas, a pionneer Brazilian company in the segment of UAVs, yesterday April 4th launched, in Rio de Janeiro, during LAAD defense and security fair, its new FT-200FH UAV. One of the main characteristics of the new UAV is the intermesh rotors configuration.

FT Sistemas new 200FH UAV unveiled at LAAD 2017
After four years of dedicated technological development, with investments exceeding US$ 3 million, FT Sistemas, a long-established partner of the Brazilian Armed Forces in research, innovation, operations and logistical support of unmanned aerial vehicles, presents the 200FH.

The new UAV has transport capacity, autonomy and endurance that respond to field situations requiring specific demands for greater versatility and operational facility. The new product can be used to accomplish defense, security and civilian market applications. The 200FH is a high performance, multi-functional system, an unmanned helicopter that can reach over 100 km with autonomy over 10 hours of flight, being able to carry up to 50 kg of payload.

The military and homeland security use of UAVs is fundamental to fight criminal organizations engaged in illegal activities in the territory including urban centers and borders. The 200FH technology allows faster, precise, efficient and reliable data collection for decision-making.

The 200FH brings advanced technologies in aeronautics, micromechanics and propulsive systems, and its embedded with sophisticated, high-performance sensor technology, having an exclusive navigation and autopilot systems. The technology developed by FT Sistemas is the result of several years of research and development to meet requirements of the Brazilian Armed Forces and private customers.

The development of more ambitious and technological projects, such as 200FH, is only possible with the support of the Ministry of Defense. In addition of being the main supporter, the MoD is an important reference for other organizations and for the international market. We foresee opportunities to commercialize the 200H in countries of the Americas, North Africa and Middle East,” said Nei Brasil, Founder and CEO of FT Sistemas. “As a versatile vehicle, the 200FH can operate in various segments, with great potential for applications in industrial facilities, agribusiness and energy and infrastructure sectors”.




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