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ECA Group presents its Naval, Air & Land robotic solutions at BIDEC 2017.

| 2017

At BIDEC 2017, ECA Group presents its Naval, Air & Land robotic solutions. This first edition of the BIDEC 2017 allows ECA Group to discover the Bahraini market, and with its local actors and needs. In addition, ECA Group wishes to continue to promote its activities in the Middle East, with the recent creation of a subsidiary in Abu Dhabi: ECA Middle East.

ECA Group showcases its capabilities at BIDEC 2017 925 001
The ECA's stand at BIDEC 2017

For more than 40 years, ECA Group has been developing a portfolio of solutions that are equally suited to security needs and for those of the defense market. Both offer potential for opportunities.

ECA Group is a unique actor in robotics, which since 1936 has been developing innovative and complete technological solutions for complex missions in hostile or restrained environments. In addition to being present in aeronautics and training simulation, ECA Group is recognized for its competence in the robotic field for being able to operate in all three environments: air, land and sea with unmanned or remotely-operated solutions (UAVs, AUVS, ROVs and USVs) capable of collaborating with each other.

The solutions proposed by ECA Group are already in service in the armed forces of many countries in the world, which gives credibility to ECA Group systems capabilities to provide reliable and high-quality equipment. Moreover, more and more requests and solicitations reach the group in order to equip with such systems. This could also be of interest to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Many ECA Group solutions are already or are being delivered to other GCC countries.

For underwater mine warfare, ECA Group offers interoperable systems capable of carrying out the most complex mine warfare missions. They allow to locate, identify and neutralize the underwater threat while leaving the crews out of the minefield. Called "UMIS", this innovative system developed recently by ECA Group is capable of performing all MCM missions using a collaborative system of surface and underwater unmanned robots, via a single interface using an advanced command and control system.

At BIDEC, ECA Group experts will be available to anyone interested in learning more about the company's technologies and innovations. ECA Group is obviously also attentive to the present and future needs of the Kingdom.

ECA Group's solutions are designed to meet the requirements of demanding international clientele in terms of safety and efficiency, mainly in the areas of defense, maritime, aeronautics, simulation, energy and equipment industrial. ECA Group's systems meet the needs of innovative and comprehensive technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or constrained environments while preserving human life.

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