Russia renames Udav pistol

A Russian interagency committee has recommended the defense industry designate the Udav ("Boa" in Russian) 9 mm pistol developed by the design bureau TsNIITochMash (a subsidiary of the state corporation Rostec) SP (Samozaryadniy Pistolet, Semi-automatic Pistol), according to the press department of the bureau.

Russia renames Udav pistol
Udav pistol (Picture source: Anton Belitskiy)

"The committee confirms that the Udav pistol is ready for serial production and suggests the TSNIITOCHMASH designate it SP," said a spokesperson for the bureau.

The Udav research-and-development work was initiated in March 2014. Two years later, the handgun passed through its preliminary tests. In December, the Udav completed state trials.

The SP pistol is chambered for 9x21 high-powered cartridges that allow an operator to pierce Level II body armor. The weapon can be fitted with combined laser/infrared pointers developed by JSC Novosibirsk Instrument Plant (NPZ, a subsidiary of Rostec). The special modification of the pistol has a muzzle thread for a silencer and fires cartridges with reduced muzzle velocity. This variant of the SP also pierces Level II body armor.

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