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Jordanian company Jadara upgrading RPG-32 "Nashbab" antitank rocket launcher
Jordanian company Jadara Equipment & Defence Systems is upgrading the RPG-32 antitank rocket launcher, according to its CEO, Col. Eng. (R) Ayman Mashouqah.
Jordanian company Jadara upgradingRPG 32 Nashbab antitank rocket launcher 640 003
The RPG-32 "Nashshab" antitank rocket launcher
"Jadara as advanced Jordanian defense company looks for novelties applicable to the modernization of our systems. An upgrade variant is to develop a quad-pack RPG-32 system dubbed Quad. It comprises four launch tubes and a set of sights, including the day television and night channels and a rangefinder as well. The system is remotely controlled from 300 m away by means of of a display," Ayman Mashouqah said.
According to the CEO, the Quad system is in trials slated for conclusion by year-end.

"Then, it will be offered for sale," Mashouqah said.

Yuri Kashko, head of Jadara’s Moscow office, said the company was intent on developing sights for both the RPG-32 and small arms.

"The next line of work is the development of the sighting systems for both the RPG-32 and the sniper rifle. To cap it off, the RPG-32’s future scope will be fit for use on other weapons. The work is under way in cooperation with Belarus and other foreign partners. At present, we are finalizing the construction of a sophisticated assembly shop for the RPG-32’s sights in cooperation with Belarus," Kashko said.

According to him, Jadara is developing two versions of the Quad robotized system.

"The Quad-1 remotely controlled system is designed for defending installations, while the Quad-2 can be mounted on light wheeled vehicles and used in support of the infantry. We believe the Quad-2 will be just the thing for fighting in urbanized terrain," Kashko stressed.

Mark Voloshin, Jadara’s chairman of the board and managing director, told TASS that the company has learnt to license-produce the RPG-32 Nashshab antitank rocket launcher.
Jordanian company Jadara upgradingRPG 32 Nashbab antitank rocket launcher 640 002
The RPG-32 "Nashshab" system mounted on a HUMVEE at at SOFEX 2016