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Brazil has taken delivery of first upgraded M109A5 +BR 155mm self-propelled howitzers.
Brazil has taken delivery of the first upgraded M109A5+BR. The newly upgraded 155mm tracked self-propelled artillery was seen being delivered at the port in Rio de Janeiro. The M109A5 is an American-made tracked self-propelled howitzer which can fire all standard 155mm NATO ammunition to a maximum range of 23.5 km.
Brazil has taken delivery of first upgraded M109A5 BR 155mm self propelled howitzers 640 001
Brazilian M109A5+BR being delivered to Brazil (Source: Facebook/General Estevam Theophilo)
Brazil is upgrading 32 of its M109A5 howitzers under a $53.9 million foreign military sales contract signed in September 2016. BAE was awarded the contract by the U.S. Army on behalf of the Brazilian Army. Work includes upgraded fire control and other components. BAE will also provide three-years of operational service, technical manuals, supply catalogs, specialized tooling used for maintenance, training, and technical assistance.

The Brazilian Army purchased 36 second hand M109A5s in July 2012 to supplement M109A3s purchased secondhand from Belgium in 1999. The Amry is now looking to purchase additional howitzers, and is interested in additional American M109s or French CAESAR howitzers. However, until a purchase is made, the M109s need to be kept operational and equipped with the latest technology. The upgrade to the M109A5+ BR standard will enable Brazil to maintain its fleet of self-propelled howitzers.

The American-made M109A5 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzer is a modified M109A4 it consists of two major improvements: a new M284 cannon and a new M182 gun mount. The main armament of the M109A5 consits of 155mm 39-caliber cannon which has a maximum range of 23,500m with standard ammunition and and 30,000 meters with Rocket Assisted Projectiles (RAP Rounds).

The M109A5 has a crew of six, consisting of commander, gunner, three ammunition members and the driver. Normal rate of fire is 1 rd/min but 3 rds/min can be fired for a short period.