LAAD 2019: Leonardo is exhibiting its state-of-the-art technologies

At LAAD 2019, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Leonardo is presenting its latest technologies to support programmes in Brazil.

LAAD 2019 Leonardo is exhibiting its state of the art technologies
Leonardo's booth at LAAD 2019, Brazil (Picture source : Army Recognition)

From the new Tamandarè corvettes of the Brazilian Navy to the modernisation of other classes of ships, to the requirements for helicopters for naval uses - where Leonardo offers the AW109 and the AW119 - of police, public safety and training, the company is already at work on the contract for the extension of logistical support for AMX aircraft and for the delivery of modernised Super Lynx Mk21B helicopters for the Navy. Active in the Country since the 1970s, Leonardo has a distinctive industrial presence and consolidated partnerships in all its sectors of activity.

Leonardo has over 200 helicopters in service in Brazil and is the base for one of its large logistics support centres in the world providing technical assistance, spares, maintenance and repairs to customers across South America. Brazil represents the main helicopter market in Latin America for Leonardo.

In the airborne electronics domain, Brazil has over 150 Leonardo radars on-board in-service platforms including the AMX, F-5, KC-390, P95, and Super Lynx Mk21B. Leonardo is also supplying around 60% of the avionics for the Brazilian Air Force’s new Gripen E aircraft, including the ‘Raven’ radar, ‘Skyward-G’ Infra-Red Search and Track (IRST) passive targeting system and new Mode-5-capable Identification Friend/Foe systems. Together, these electronics provide the aircraft with a superior ‘ISTAR’ facility for intelligence gathering, combined with an advanced target detection, acquisition and tracking capability. Leonardo has also supplied Brazil with military air traffic control radars.

Building on the success of the AMX programme, Leonardo today is looking at the opportunity to equip the Brazilian Air Force with a new generation training aircraft and system, a sector in which the company offers excellent solutions such as the M-346 and ground based training systems.

In response to emergency public security initiatives that the Government is defining, Leonardo has started discussions with local institutions on the technological solutions it is able to offer. Finally, successful collaborations and new prospects include the naval sector, where in the past the company worked for the modernization of the Niteroi-class frigates and for the Barroso corvettes, terrestrial and satellite communications for the Army, remotely piloted systems.