LAAD 2019: BAE Systems showcased its M109A5

During the LAAD Defense and Security exhibition that took place from 02 to 05 April, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, BAE Systems was showcasing its M109A5+ howitzer. This self-propelled howitzer will soon be delivered to the Brazilian Army, in order to make its artillery more efficient and up-to-date.

LAAD 2019 BAE Systems showcased its M109A5
The BAE-made M109A5+BR, scheduled to be delivered to the Brazilian Army, on display at the LAAD 2019, Brazil (Picture Source: Army Recognition)

The American-made M109A5+BR is a 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzer that can fire 155mm NATO ammunition to a maximum range of 23.5km, or Rocket Assisted Projectiles (RAP Rounds) to a maximum range of 30km. It is a modified version of the M109A4, consisting of two major improvements: a new M284 cannon and a new M182 gun mount. The vehicle has a crew of six, consisting of a commander, a gunner, three ammunition members and the driver.

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army for the procurement of 32 new M109A5+BR howitzers, for a total amount of $US 54 million, on behalf of the Brazilian Army. This upgraded version includes, among other improvements, an upgraded fire control. As part of the contract, BAE Systems will also provide three years of operational service, technical manuals, supply catalogues, and specialized tooling used for maintenance, training and technical assistance.