GDA 2019: Ukraine showcases variety of UAVs

Ukraine exhibits at International Gulf Defense - Aerospace - Homeland Security Exhibition taking place in Kuwait from the 10 to 12 December 2019. Notably with Spets Techno Export, on the paviillion of UkroBoronProm, showcasing an interesting variety of UAVs.

GDA 2019 Ukraine showcases variety of UAVs 02
RAM UAV (Picture source Army Recognition)

RAM UAV loitering munition is a high-precision combat loitering UAV. It is designed to execute precise effective strikes on enemy forces and to minimize collateral damage when used in the urban area. The drone is equipped with a gyro-stabilized full HD camera with a 10x optical zoom for easy target identification. The main feature is active visual target tracking system, that allows to lock on the target using real-time video from the onboard video camera and follow the target until the impact.

RAM UAV is equipped with flight controller that allows automatic missions.GCS computer software allows to plan missions, see real-time video feed from the drone and activate target feature.

RAM UAV is powered by a quiet electric engine and has a low noise signature, anti-jamming features and encrypted data link to maximize the security of the mission. Fully loaded, combat UAV with a 4kg warhead can operate in a range of 30km from the launch point and complete both surveillance and combat missions.

GDA 2019 Ukraine showcases variety of UAVs 01
PD-1(Picture source Army Recognition)

PD-1 is a multipurpose modular fixed-wing UAV with a wide range of options and payloads to fit any missions and operational environment. It is a combat-proven solution that has been officially on service in Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2016.

The modular design of the system allows quickly adding or removing any onboard equipment, allowing the user to customize the system to fulfil any requirements and complete a wide range of tasks and missions.

The PD-1 VTOL conversion kit is able to convert any existing PD-1 drone to vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone by adding four extra electic motors. The system offers a fully automatic takeoff and landing in order to minimize human error during those complicated procedures.

GDA 2019 Ukraine showcases variety of UAVs 03
LELEKA-100 (Picture source Army Recognition)

Leleka-100 is a hardware and software suit that consists of autonomous remote-controlled UAVs, designed for various tasks such as aerial reconnaissance, patrolling, area mapping witth the possibility of online information transfer and obtaining accurate geographical coordinates in real-time mode.

The UAV control is carried out through cryped digital radio channel, which allows receiving telemetry data over all period of the flight. Operator can trace on the satellite maps location of UAV, correct the route, operate with a payload and give other commands to UAV. Even in the case of signal suppression, the UAV is able to continue the autonomy flight, return and make landing in the programmed point.

Leleka-100 have a great wind resist parameters and can be used to 20 m/s wind speed. Flight radius 55 km (total route distance 100km), endurance time 2-3 hours, on condition: air temperature -200С to +400С, wind speed to 12 m/s.