Tukish-Indonesian Kaplan-Harimau medium tank now in mass production

The mass production of Kaplan (Turkish name) / Harimau (Indonesian name) has begun. Discussions between both manufacturers are now focusing on export strategies.

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Kaplan MT - Harimau demonstrated in Jakarta during Indodefense 2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Nail Kurt, general manager and CEO of FNSS, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that FNNS finalized a contract in the last month of 2019 for the mass production of 18 Kaplan MT tanks, adding that a prototype was set to be delivered at the end of this year, while the rest of the vehicles are planned to be delivered in 2021. "We expect additional orders within this year and in 2021 within the scope of budgeted works," he added. Kurt noted that the producing parties are currently in contact with two other countries for the purchase of the tank.

FNSS and PT Pindad launched prototype development work for the Kaplan MT (Harimau) Medium-Weight Class Tank at the end of 2015, following the signing of a defense cooperation agreement between the governments of Indonesia and Turkey, and the prototype production phase was completed in 2018. The design and development of the vehicle and the production of two prototypes with a technology transfer model were completed within three years. The prototypes were subsequently put through a range of comprehensive and challenging tests by the Indonesian Army and the Indonesian Ministry of Defence in both Turkey and Indonesia.

Kaplan MT (Harimau) successfully passed the tests and became the first medium-weight class tank to be certified by the Indonesian Army and to be qualified for serial production in the country. This also makes it the only medium-weight class tank to be qualified and certified by an end-user in the global market.

The long-term cooperation agreement for serial production was signed between the two companies at IDEF’19, covering the production of 18 tanks within 2 years, at a ceremony that was attended by representatives of the Presidency of Defence Industries, the Indonesian Ministry of Defence and the Indonesian Armed Forces. With export projects entered into force one after another, FNSS has grown to become a reliable supplier to the armed forces of friendly and allied countries. Through this export agreement, FNSS is supporting also the continuity and sustainable development of Indonesia.