IFV suppliers officially invited by Czech Republic to submit offers

As reported by Michal Voska on the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Defense’s website, May 27 marked the culmination of a several-week process of testing CV90, Lynx and Ascod vehicles in the Libavá military training area in Olomouc. On this occasion, the Deputy Minister of Defense for the Management of the Armaments and Acquisitions Section officially handed over a call for tenders to three tenderers for the supply of 210 infantry tracked combat vehicles.
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BAE Systems CV90, Rheinmetall KF41 Lynx and GDELS ASCOD (Picture source: Michal Voska/Czech MoD)

The project for the acquisition of new BVPs (IFVs) is highly monitored, which is why the Libavá military training area hosted not only a demonstration of the capabilities of the new technology for deputies and senators and media representatives. In addition, all three companies bidding for the contract - BAE Systems with its CV90, Rheinmetall Landsysteme with its KF41 Lynx vehicle and GDELS with its ASCOD - had their tent available for the vehicle. Functional sample testing is nearing completion and the six-week process will be completed by the end of next week. This is one of the reasons why a significant step has been taken today: a call for tenders has been issued to suppliers.

"We have decided to take advantage of today's event and officially submit a Call for Proposals to the suppliers' representatives. The time will now run for suppliers to be able to meet this challenge and compile the best possible offer. We will then assess and evaluate the bids, select the most suitable supplier and inform the Government of the Czech Republic about the selection, "said Deputy Koudelka at a press conference, stating that the deadline for submitting bids is July 1.

According to Colonel Ctirad Gazda, head of the BVP acquisition project, the testing process is still going according to plan.

The military requires 210 vehicles in seven different modifications. The number is based on the long-term concept of army development (Concept of the construction of the Army of the Czech Republic - KVAČR 2025) and on the commitments to NATO to build up a heavy brigade. Most of the vehicles will serve as infantry fighting vehicles, which are to carry 11 soldiers, have a turret with a crew and a 30mm cannon. Others will be in the versions of command, reconnaissance, engineering, rescue, medical and as an artillery observatory. The vehicles will develop the capabilities of the 7th Mechanized Brigade for decades to come.