Egypt has received four French-made GM 400 air defense radars

According to a Tweet published by Mahmoud Gamal @mahmouedgamal44, Egypt has recently received four French-made Ground Master GM 400 air defense radars manufactured by the Company Thales in collaboration with the American company Raytheon Systems.
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The GM 400 is a 3D air defense radar manufactured by the French company Thales and Raytheon from the United States. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Ground Master 400 is a mobile radar system proposed by ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) and developed by Thales. ThalesRaytheonSystems, the joint venture between Thales and Raytheon, offers radar sensors for homeland defense, tactical air defense, counter-battery and weapon system coordination markets.

Designed to offer unprecedented deployability and survivability, the GM400 fits into a compact 20ft container, complete with a lifting system and, can be mounted on a truck and redeployed in less than one hour. Radar operators can also use the decoys fitted on the radar to ensure the highest possible survivability potential for long-range radars. The GM400 also is available in a fixed version for countries seeking to guarantee constant surveillance of their national airspace in very specific geographical areas.

The Ground Master 400 radar is capable of detecting targets at low, medium and high altitudes with an unprecedented level of availability and mobility, the radar can spot a fighter aircraft at 450 km (243Nm and cruise missiles or small aircraft at 250 km. The radar features electronic stabilization between -6 and +5 degrees.

Software-defined 3D air surveillance radar, the GM400 by design provides C2 centers with superior situational awareness at all times. With an update rate of 6 seconds and elevation coverage of up to 40°, it can continuously scan the airspace simultaneously detecting all types of high, medium, and low altitude targets.

Once detected, classification of targets as friend or foe is crucial in order to avoid fratricide fire. GM400 fused interrogation mode 5 enables quick Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) providing C2 centers with optimum response time and complete peace of mind.