Thailand conducts test-fire demonstration of its DTI-2 122mm rockets from SR4 MLRS

According to information released by the Thai defense blog on December 3, 2020, Thailand's Defense Technology Institute (DTI) has conducted test-fires demonstration with the local-made 122mm DTI-2 rockets from the Chinese-made SR4 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System mounted on 6x6 military truck chassis at Royal Thai Army Artillery Center Range, Lopburi province, on 11 November 2020.
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Test-fire of Thai DTI-2 122 mm rockets from SR4 MLRS. (Picture source Thai Defense Blog)

The DTI-2 is the second generation of 122mm rocket developed by the Thai defense industry and the Thai Defence Technology Institute (DTI).

The DTI-2 is the multiple launch rocket system research and development project designed and developed by DTI from the prior body of knowledge of the DTI-1 project. By the time that project was implemented during 2010-2014, DTI explored and analyzed research and knowledge development to design a multiple rocket launcher system “DTI-2,” which is a 122 mm multiple ground rocket launcher with a 10 km firing range, and also developed tracked type launch platforms and a mockup of the rocket tube to serve a statistic and dynamic test.

The SR4 is a wheeled multiple launch rocket system developed by the Chinese defense industry. The SR-4 launcher is based on Shaanxi SX2190KA 6x6 heavy-duty military truck. In 2012 Thailand ordered 4 of these artillery rocket systems, which were delivered in 2013. The SR-4 has two pods with 20 tubes each. It fires 122 mm artillery rockets.

Thailand conducts test fire demonstration of its DTI 2 122mm rockets from SR4 MLRS 925 002
Chinese-made SR4 122mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System from the Thai army. (Picture source Thai Defense Blog)