MC2 Technologies introduces counter-UAV solutions

MC2 Technologies introduced, this Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 December, its new anti-UAV solutions for the year 2021during private meetings organised in Paris.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
FlyJam (Picture source: MC2 Technologies)

FlyJam, jamming at the heart of the threat. A collaboration between MC2 Technologies and BP SolutionS. The only technology of its kind, FlyJam combines the fast deployment speed of the UAV with the efficiency of jamming technology. It allows for rapid action ahead of the defence position, guaranteeing maximum safety for users.

Nerod HG, an ultra-compact and lightweight solution for close protection. Its small size and weight of 2 kg make the Nerod HG the most effective "small size" solution on the UAV neutralisation market. Easily transportable and usable, it can be quickly deployed with just one hand. It is the perfect combination of size and performance. This solution is designed as an alternative and not a replacement for the Nerod RF solution.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Nerod RF (Picture source: MC2 Technologies)

Nerod RF, the new generation of anti-UAV rifle developed in close collaboration with the armed forces to meet the requirements of the field. Brand new generation of the anti-drone rifle, Nerod RF succeeds Nerod F5. It brings together numerous improvements in response to field feedback from end users. Reduced in size and weight, Nerod RF jams on 7 frequency bands compared to the 5 bands of its predecessor.

These systems are developed and manufactured in France.