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International Armored Group

Armored vehicles manufacturer UAE

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About International Armored Group

International Armored Group (IAG) is a manufacturer of customized and premium armored vehicles with over 20 years of experience. We have grown substantially over the years and are one of the most technologically advanced armored vehicle producers in the world. We are an internationally recognized organization with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9606-1, and ISO 15614-1, American Welding Society, and VPAM-BRV2009 VR7 certifications. We have production facilities located in USA, UAE and Turkey and sales & marketing offices in Canada, the UK, Yemen, South Africa, Iraq, and Bulgaria.

Business Area

Armoured Manufacturer
With a combined manufacturing space of 500,000 sq. ft producing up to 200 armored vehicles per month, we are able to meet any order size in short time frames. We have developed and built over 80 different models of armored vehicles such as armored SUVs and pick-up trucks; sedans; armored passenger transport; mobile banking units and cash-in-transit vehicles; armored ambulances; military and tactical vehicles; armored explosive ordinance vehicles and armored riot control water cannons.

Over the years countless armored vehicles proudly bearing the IAG logo have served in some of the most hostile zones of the world. IAG’s distinguished list of clients ranges from many governments and their agencies, various active military and defense forces in hostile regions around the globe, security companies and private contractors, NGOs like the United Nations, esteemed financial corporations and banking institutions, as well as VVIPs and VIPs from renowned diplomatic missions and well-known celebrities.

Our exclusive Smartarmor™ technology featured on our entire product portfolio has a proven track record with regards to defeating from the most typical to the rarest of attacks. Our safety record is second to none with designs among the best in the industry. Every vehicle that we sell is backed by our comprehensive warranty because we are confident that our products are of the utmost quality and reliability.

IAG is the first armored vehicle manufacturer in the world to also produce fully certified ballistic glass in-house under our wholly owned subsidiary, Transparent Armor Systems (TAS).

The ability to produce certified transparent armor in-house allows IAG to reduce the typical 6-8 week glass lead times, as well as, ensure a perfect fit of the ballistic glass with the rest of the opaque armor design. These advantages are lost when using ballistic glass from third-party manufacturers.

The added attention to detail, rigorous quality control checks, custom-designed suspension systems, low to high sulfur diesel conversions, ambulance conversions and overall high-end custom finishing on all our vehicles has made IAG into the global brand it is today. IAG proudly stands by our products and firmly believes: “When it Comes to Protection, There is No Other”.


International Armored Group FZE
P.O. Box 50060
Khor Khwair Industrial Park
RAK Free Trade Zone
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Tel: +971 7 205 7676
Fax: +971 7 266 8969

Email: info{at}

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Guardian 4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier
iag guardian
IAG Guardian is an armored personnel carrier that provides a high level of ballistic and blast resistance, superior handling and off-road capability and commercial part compatibility resulting in low maintenance costs. The Guardian features full vehicle armoring with certified ballistic material, including front, sides, rear, roof, and floor, designed to resist incoming ballistic threats from any angle.

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Guardian Xtreme 4x4 and 6x6 MRAP

iag jaws

The Guardian Xtreme is a new member of the family of Guardian 4x4 APC armored personnel carrier vehicles produced and manufactured by the Company IAG (International Armored Group). This is an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicle which is available in 4x4 and 6x6 configurations. In September 2017, IAG has officially launched the Guardian Xtreme at the DSEI defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Defense

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Rila 4x4 MRAP

iag jaws

The Rila is a tactical armored in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle designed and manufactured by the Company IAG (International Armored Group), an international armored vehicles manufacturer with facilities in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Iraq, and Pakistan. The Rila was unveiled in London (UK), at the DSEI defense exhibition in September 2017.

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Jaws 4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier

iag jaws

The Jaws Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) produced by International Armored Group (IAG) serves as a potential high mobility armoured platform for military, homeland security and law enforcement customers. The APC is primarily deployed in non-combat missions such as border patrol and surveillance, and is offered to government, military and law enforcement agencies.

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Sentinel Tactical Response Vehicle

iag sentinel

The IAG Sentinel is an armored vehicle designed for tactical response teams. Standard vehicle armoring is available up to the CEN B6/NIJ Level III specifications, with add-on armoring available for .50 cal (12.7mm) and B7/NIJ Level IV that is rated to withstand multiple impacts from armor piercing 7.62x51mm rifle ammunition.

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Sentry 4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier

iag sentry

The Sentry APC is the latest addition to IAG’s growing fleet of armored tactical vehicles. The Sentry is a lightweight armored personnel carrier specifically designed for border patrol and reconnaissance missions. Its high mobility, great maneuverability, and survivability make it ideal for both highly dense urban settings, as well as rural theatres.

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Armored Water Cannon riot control truck

iag watercannon

The IAG Armored Water Cannon anti-riot vehicle is an excellent solution for riot control, firefighting, and preserving peace and order. It is available in both 4x4 and 6x6 configurations and can hold up to a 14,000Lt corrosion-free water tank with high-pressure water jet systems with a 65m throw range.

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