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Jaws 4x4 APC


Wheeled armored personnel carrier vehicle United Arab Emirates / Canada

Jaws 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier IAG International armoured Group military vehicle manufacturer UAE 925 001


The IAG Jaws 4x4 APC Armored Personnel Carrier is a vehicle solution specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of a high mobility, lightweight armored vehicle for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. It is also well suited as a border patrol vehicle and has earned its reputation of safely transporting troops in high-risk regions such as Iraq and Africa. The Jaws was unveiled for the first time in the United Kingdom at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) exhibition and conference in 2013. The IAG Jaws is built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, equipped with a powerful turbocharged diesel engine and intelligent AWD system.

Jaws 4x4 APC variants:

No variants at this time.

Technical Data

The IAG Jaws 4x4 APC comes equipped with a hidden weapon mounting system. The universal weapon mounting system can accommodate a variety of weapons with the ability to adjust its height and other features. It is safely secured inside the vehicle during transport and can be deployed when needed. The heavy-duty bearing allows for 360° degree manual rotation of the system by the gunner. An optional turret is available offering the same degree of protection as the rest of the vehicle. The rotation turret is equipped with view glasses and is fully compatible with the universal weapon mount system. A tear gas grenade launcher is also available upon special request.
Design and protection
The IAG JAWS 4x4 APC is based on a tried and tested commercial vehicle platform, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series, and provides great mobility with high ballistic and blast protection. The layout of the Jaws is conventional with the engine at the front, driver and commander in the first row, additional personnel and crew located in the rear, bringing the total number of personnel the vehicle can accommodate to 10. Optional blast attenuation seating provides additional protection to the crew in case of IEDs. This blast attenuation and mitigation technology minimize the shockwave and downward forces imposed on the occupants. A total number of five doors (2 in the front, 2 on the sides, and 1 in the rear) allow for easy and quick egress and digress of the crew. The Jaws has ballistic-resistant windows on all sides of the vehicle providing the same level of protection as the armored hull. Seven gun ports, 3 on each side and 1 in the rear allow the crew to return fire when under attack.
The standard Jaws armoring configuration provides protection up to CEN B6/NIJ III/STANAG Level I against caliber 7.62x51 Ball M80 and 5.56x45 SS109. With the available add-on armor kit, the Jaws protection can be increased to CEN B7/NIJ IV or STANAG Level II capable of stopping armor-pricing rounds (7.62x39AP and 7.62x51 AP). The design of the armor package has been optimized to offer enhanced blast protection against grenades, land mines, and IEDs.
The JAWS 4x4 APC is available in both LHD and RHD, motorized with either a 4.5L V8 twin-turbo diesel engine or a 4.6L V8 petrol engine offering up to 300HP, coupled to a six-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. The Jaws features independent double-wishbone front suspension, and beam-type rear suspension, with front and rear shock absorbers with external reservoirs, heavy-duty coil springs, and reinforced axles. The full time four wheel drive system ensures a high level of mobility in rough terrains.
The Jaws 4x4 APC uses a standard commercial dashboard and controls for easy navigation and use. It has AM/FM radio and a CD player. There is an HVAC system for the front and rear with independent controls. Standard equipment of the Jaws includes two spare tire assemblies, an HD shovel, auxiliary fans, an automatic engine fire suppression system, heavy duty 300 AMP alternator, a 360° camera surveillance system and recording device, remote-controlled search lights, P/A System with sirens, strobe lights.


Armament Armor
One 7.62mm machine gun Ballistic protection up to CEN B7/ NIJ IV/ STANAG
Country users Weight
Iraq and various African countries 5,000 kg
Designer Country Speed
IAG - United Arab Emirates 120 to 130 km/h
Accessories Range
AM/FM radio/CD player; Two spare tire assemblies; HD Shovel; Auxiliary fans; Automatic engine fire suppression system; Heavy duty 300 AMP alternator; 360° camera surveillance system and recording device; Night vision; Remote controlled search lights; P/A System with sirens; Strobe lights 820 km
Crew Dimensions
2 + 8 Length: 5.2 m; Width: 2.34 m; Height: 2.15 m

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JAWS IAG 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier Launcher technical data sheet specification description intelligence pictures video JAWS IAG 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier Launcher technical data sheet specification description intelligence pictures video
JAWS IAG 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier Launcher technical data sheet specification description intelligence pictures video JAWS IAG 4x4 APC armoured personnel carrier Launcher technical data sheet specification description intelligence pictures video

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