Ukraine-made Malyuk assault rifle makes first public appearance at ADEX 2016 22909164

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2nd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition
27 - 30 September 2016
Baku, Azerbaijan
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Ukraine-made Malyuk assault rifle makes first public appearance at ADEX 2016
The Malyuk automatic assault rifle made its first official public appearance here in Baku, at the second edition of Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition. These new rifle is a locally-made bullpup conversion of the AK-74 design.
Ukraine made Malyuk assault rifle makes first public appearance at ADEX 2016 640 001Krasilov Aggregate Plant's Malyuk bullpup assault rifle at ADEX 2016
The Malyuk has been developed by Interproinvest and is currently manufactured by the company SE “Krasilov Aggregate Plant”. According to Volodymy Flidermoyz, head of marketing of Krasilov Aggregate Plant, around 200 Malyuk rifles have been delivered to Ukrainian Armed Forces for now.

Malyuk assault rifle has a bullpup design. The weapon wight 3.8 kg without magazine and features three Picatinny rails for mounting a wide range of optical and mechanical devices, such as sights, grip handle, bipod, etc. A quick-detachable suppressor is also available.

The rifle has a length of 710 mm and can use 5,45/7,62 x 39 mm or 5,56 x 45 mm calibers. The Malyuk has an effective range of 500 m and a rate of fire of 660 rounds per minute. The Malyuk can use 30 or 45 rounds magazine.

The magazine is mounted within a dedicated shaft, which not only facilitates better fixation, but is designed so that to allow the magazine to fall down under its own weight with a press of the release button located next to the trigger, and it is easy to load into the receiver from whatever position the shooter chooses to take.

The weapon's design makes an optimal use of the energy of the combustion gases. The barrel is cooled by air convection, resulting in a longer barrel life, which is twice that of Kalashnikov rifle.

The Malyuk automatic rifle is designed to be ambidextrous for both right-hand and left-hand shooters. The ergonomic bolt handle doesn't move when firing to preclude finger or chin injuries. These assault rifle had its recoil reduced by almost 50 percent compared to the Kalashnikov rifle, and is designed to allow the key operations – unlocking firing, removing and replacing the magazine and reloading – to be done with a single hand.