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US Navy and Coast Guard ships make strategic visit to Khánh Hòa province.

According to information published by the Vietnamese MoD on July 8, 2024, the Blue Ridge-class command ship USS Blue Ridge of the United States Navy and the US Coast Guard ship Waesche arrived at Cam Ranh International Port, commencing their visit to Khánh Hòa Province from July 8 to July 12.
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The Blue Ridge-class command ship USS Blue Ridge. (Picture source: US DoD)

In recent years, cooperation between the two nations has deepened, particularly following the elevation of their relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in September 2023. This upgrade highlights their mutual interest in expanding military collaboration amid rising regional tensions, especially with China.

One key aspect of this partnership involves joint naval exercises and port visits. For instance, U.S. Navy ships have increasingly visited Vietnamese ports, with the U.S. 7th Fleet conducting exchanges.

Despite these advancements, Vietnam remains cautious about overly aligning with any single power, striving to balance its relationships with the U.S. and China. This balancing act reflects Vietnam's strategic interest in maintaining autonomy while leveraging partnerships to bolster its defense capabilities​​.

The historical context of U.S.-Vietnam relations also plays a role in shaping current military cooperation. Efforts to address the legacies of the Vietnam War, such as joint initiatives to clear unexploded ordnance and recover missing personnel, have helped build trust and lay the groundwork for broader defense cooperation​​.

About the USS Blue Ridge

Stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, the Blue Ridge plays a critical role in maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific region through regular interactions and operations with allies and partners​.

The USS Blue Ridge also made notable port visits in 2024. It returned to Manila, Philippines, for the first time in five years, where the crew engaged in community outreach activities, strengthening U.S.-Philippine relations through volunteer efforts and cultural exchanges​​. Additionally, the ship visited Laem Chabang, Thailand, further showcasing the U.S. Navy’s commitment to regional partnerships and interoperability​​.

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