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Russia wants restore & modernize its damaged landing ship Minsk.

| 2023

According to information published by Izvestia on October 4, 2023, the Project 775 (Ropucha class) landing ship Minsk which sustained damage in Sevastopol, will undergo restoration with an updated design. Notable changes include a revised upper structure and weaponry composition. The modernization project for the landing ship Minsk might already be in development.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian Ropucha class landing ship Minsk. (Picture source: VK)

The Ropucha class landing ship Minsk was notably a participant in the so-called "Syrian Express." These voyages to Syria began after European inspections of cargo ships transporting goods from Russia to Syria.

Military ships can't be detained by third countries, which led to landing ships from the Northern, Black Sea, and Baltic fleets being used for these transport tasks. The Ropucha class MInsk was operational as part of the Russian Navy's Mediterranean group from September 2013, serving approximately ten months.

Designed for landing marines on unprepared coastlines and transporting cargo, including armored vehicles and tanks, BDK project 775 can carry up to ten medium tanks and 340 marines.

The Ropucha class Minsk was commissioned on May 30, 1983, and became part of the Baltic Fleet. Her armament includes two 57-mm AK-725 artillery installations with remote guidance, two launchers of the "Grad-M" multiple rocket launcher system, and four portable "Strela-2" anti-aircraft missile complexes.

In February 2022, the vessel once again departed the Baltic, making a brief stop in Tartus before heading to the Black Sea. On February 10, a squad of large landing ships, including Minsk, Korolev, Kaliningrad, Petr Morgunov, Georgy Pobedonosets, and Olenegorsky Gorniak, arrived in Sevastopol, concluding a journey around Europe.

The Russian Navy is transitioning from Project 775 ships to Project 11711 (Ivan Gren-class) landing ships. The Ivan Gren, commissioned in June 2018, was the first landing ship designed and built in Russia's modern history.

Currently, the navy operates two such ships, with Ivan Morgunov joining  Ivan Gren. These landing ships were the first in the Russian fleet to be full-fledged combat ships capable of a comprehensive range of marine landing operations.

This includes not just the landing and transport of troops, combat equipment, and machinery, but also evacuation, humanitarian missions, and serving as flagship vessels.

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