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Philippine Navy commissions two ex Cyclone class patrol vessels.

| 2023

According to information published by the Philippine News Agency on September 18, 2023, the Philippine Navy (PN) celebrated the induction of two Cyclone-class patrol vessels, previously owned by the US.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Two new (Alvarez class patrol vessels) BRP Valentin Diaz and BRP Ladislao Diwa. (Picture source: Philippine Navy)

Now rebranded as the Alvarez-class patrol vessels, the christening and commissioning ceremony took place at the PN headquarters at Naval Station Jose Andrada, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

Navy spokesperson Captain Benjo Negranza highlighted that the newly commissioned vessels have been renamed as BRP Valentin Diaz (PS-177) and BRP Ladislao Diwa (PS-178). The ceremony was graced by the Honorable Gilberto C. Teodoro Jr., Secretary of National Defense, who served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

Earlier this year, on March 28, the US Navy decommissioned these two patrol vessels in Bahrain, subsequently delivering them to the Philippines in May. Originally known as the USS Monsoon (PC-4) and USS Chinook (PC-9), they were procured by the PN under the Excess Defense Article (EDA) program.

Worth noting is the presence of their sister ship, BRP General Mariano Alvarez (PS-38) - formerly the USS Cyclone (PC-1) - which joined the Philippine fleet back in 2004.

Technical data

With a displacement of 331 tons, they measure 174 feet (53 meters) in length, showcasing a beam of 25 feet (7.6 meters) and a draft of 7.5 feet (2.3 meters).

These vessels derive their impressive power from four Paxman Vallenta 1600 MPDE engines, enabling them to achieve speeds of up to 35 knots (65 km/h; 40 mph).

These ships have been designed to carry a 7-meter RHIB (Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat), enhancing their operational capabilities in various naval missions.

Their crew complement comprises four officers and 24 men. In addition, they can accommodate a team of eight Special Forces personnel, making them versatile for specialized operations.

The Cyclone-class vessels are equipped with formidable weaponry. They sport two M242 Bushmaster MK38 Mod 2 chain guns, further complemented by two Mk19 grenade launchers.

These ships also have two .50 (12.7 mm) machine guns on board. To handle more advanced threats, they are armed with eight AGM-176 Griffins missiles. All these features collectively make the Cyclone-class patrol vessels a significant force in littoral combat scenarios.

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