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New contract brings KraitSense ASW System to South-East Asian Navy's OPV.

| 2023

Leading UK-based anti-submarine warfare (ASW) specialist, SEA, has been awarded a contract to provide its innovative KraitSense ASW system for a new Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) program for a South-East Asian Navy. This groundbreaking system enables smaller, non-specialist platforms like OPVs to have cutting-edge ASW capabilities.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 KraitSense ASW system. (Picture source: SEA)

As part of the contract, SEA will provide a complete, lightweight passive ASW system which includes the company's world-renowned low-profile sonar sensor, KraitArray.

The delivery will also encompass handling equipment, processing hardware, and software, as well as an interactive user control station to view, analyse, report sonar contact information, and maintain the system.

David Hinds, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at SEA, underscored the significance of KraitSense's contribution to the ASW capabilities of smaller vessels.

He noted that due to its cost-effectiveness and lower requirements for footprint, weight, and power, KraitSense offers an unprecedented ASW solution for smaller ships that wouldn't traditionally have had access to such advanced capabilities.

Given the extensive coastline and numerous islands under the jurisdiction of the South-East Asian Navy, as well as the rising underwater threat in the region, bolstering ASW capability is paramount.

The agility and efficiency of the KraitSense system is anticipated to significantly enhance their overall capability to deal with increasingly complex threats.

The sonar sensor KraitArray, with its low power consumption, drag, and weight, offers notable cost efficiencies compared to traditional line and towed arrays. This makes it particularly suitable for deployment on smaller vessels and unmanned systems.

KraitSense demonstrated its effectiveness on smaller vessels during the NATO Exercise REP (Maritime Unmanned Systems) 19, where it successfully detected, tracked, and classified a submarine while being deployed from a Portuguese Navy OPV.

Further proving its versatility, the system was demonstrated at NATO Exercise REP22, integrated with an Extra Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV).

For this contract, SEA has joined forces with sonar data processing specialist ELAC Sonar, a fellow Cohort Group company, ensuring the South-East Asian Navy will be provided with the very best software capability.

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