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LIMA 2023: Malaysia's Navy displays Scorpene class submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman.

| 2023

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2023 welcomed a captivating showcase from one of Malaysia's pride and joy: the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Scorpene-class submarine.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 French-built Scorpene class submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman. (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

With a displacement of 1,577 long tons (1,602 metric tons) when surfaced and 1,711 long tons (1,738 metric tons) when submerged, the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman exhibits a compact yet powerful design.

Her length spans 67.4 meters (221 feet 2 inches), while the beam measures 6.2 meters (20 feet 4 inches) and the draft stands at 5.4 meters (17 feet 9 inches).

Powered by two SEMT-Pielstick 12 PA4 200SM DS diesel engines and a Jeumont Industrie motor, the submarine generates 4,700 horsepower (3,505 kilowatts) through a single shaft.

She achieves a speed of 12 knots (22 km/h or 14 mph) when surfaced and an impressive 20.5 knots (38.0 km/h or 23.6 mph) when submerged. Her range spans 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 kilometers or 6,900 miles) at 8 knots (15 km/h or 9.2 mph) on the surface and 360 nautical miles (670 kilometers or 410 miles) at 4 knots (7.4 km/h or 4.6 mph) while submerged. The submarine's capabilities allow it to operate at depths exceeding 300 meters (980 feet).

With a complement of 32 personnel, the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman employs a range of sophisticated sensors and processing systems. She features an I-band navigation radar, hull-mounted active/passive search and attack systems, and medium-frequency sonars, enhancing its situational awareness and surveillance capabilities.

Additionally, the submarine is equipped with the Thales DR 3000 tactical electronic support measures (ESM) receiver, bolstering her electronic warfare capabilities.

The submarine's armament consists of six 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes capable of carrying 18 Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei Black Shark heavyweight torpedoes, SM-39 Exocet anti-ship missiles, or 30 mines, providing her with a formidable offensive and defensive capability.

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