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3 Ukraine's USVs strike Russia Navy's intelligence ship Ivan Khurs.

| 2023

According to a tweet published by Ukraine Weapons Tracker on May 25, 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have successfully thwarted a Ukrainian attempt to attack the intelligence ship Ivan Khurs using three unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). According to the Russian MoD, one of the USVs was destroyed by fire from the Russian ship.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Ukrainian Unmanned Surface Vehicle before it was destroyed. (Picture source: RIA Novosti)

However, contrasting reports emerged from Ukrainian sources. Videos shared by Ukrainian sources show that at least one USV managed to reach the "Ivan Khurs" intelligence ship.

The extent of the damage caused by the USV, if any, remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the footage of the USV that was destroyed indicates that it carried a significant explosive charge.

About the ship Ivan Khurs

The Yuru Ivanov class intelligence ship is an impressive vessel designed for intelligence gathering and surveillance operations. With a standard displacement of 2,500 tons and a full displacement of 4,000 tons, this ship boasts a length of 95.0 meters, a width of 16.0 meters, and a draft of 4.0 meters.

The ship is powered by a combination of propulsion systems. It is equipped with two GEU (Gas Turbine Electric) engines, specifically the DRА-5DRА model, along with two diesel engines designated as the 11D42 from the Kolomna Factory.

These engines provide a combined power output of 2 × 2,516 horsepower (1,850 kW). The propulsion system includes two shafts and two variable-pitch propellers, enabling the ship to achieve a speed of 16 knots under economical conditions and a maximum speed of 20 knots.

In terms of operational range, the Yuru Ivanov class intelligence ship can travel up to 8,000 nautical miles at a speed of 16 knots. This allows for extended missions and long-distance operations. Additionally, the ship has an autonomous sailing capability of 45 days, ensuring self-sufficiency and endurance during missions.

The ship is manned by a crew of 120 personnel who operate and maintain its various systems and equipment. The Yuru Ivanov class intelligence ship is equipped with advanced intelligence-gathering capabilities, which include the NRLS MR-231-3 radar system. This radar system aids in the detection, tracking, and monitoring of targets, providing valuable information for intelligence purposes.

In terms of armament, the ship features four MTPOU mounts, each armed with a 14.5mm machine gun. These machine guns serve as defensive armament to protect the ship against smaller threats.

The Yuru Ivanov class intelligence ship also carries portable air defense systems, specifically the Igla and Verba man-portable air defense missile systems. These systems enhance the ship's self-defense capabilities against aerial threats.

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