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DIMDEX 2022: STM displays military naval platform and mini UAVs.

| 2022

STM, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defense sector, will display its military naval platforms, tactical mini-UAV systems, and cyber security capabilities at the DIMDEX 2022 exhibition in Qatar.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Tactical mini-UAV Alpagu at STM booth (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

STM-MPAC set to be displayed in Qatar

STM will be presenting its İstif (I)-class frigate, a replenishment tanker produced for Pakistan, its multi-purpose fast patrol boat STM-MPAC, and its tactical mini-UAV systems ALPAGU, KARGU, and TOGAN at DIMDEX 2022, one of the biggest defense industry exhibitions in the Middle East. STM will also be sharing its integrated cyber security solutions with participants at the event.

STM carrying out the project for TCG İSTANBUL, Turkey's first national frigate

The Turkish Naval Forces are making active use of the four MiLGEM Ada-Class Corvettes produced under a project in which STM was the main subcontractor and undertook various crucial tasks. STM has designed and is the main contractor of TCG İSTANBUL, Turkey's first national frigate, and will deliver the ship in 2023 with an indigenization rate of at least 75 percent.

STM delivered TCG UFUK (A-591), a test and training ship built under a project in which it was serving as the main contractor, at a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on 14 January 2022. The Logistic Support Ship is another project being carried out under STM’s responsibility.

TCG GÜNGÖR DURMUŞ (A-574), the first ship to be built under the Logistic Support Ship Project, launched to meet a logistical need of the Turkish Naval Forces, was put into operation in December 2021. UTGM ARİF EKMEKÇİ (A-575), the second ship in the project, is scheduled to be delivered in 2024. STM is the main design contractor in the Turkish-type Fast Patrol Boat Project.

STM-MPAC, STM’s new fast patrol boat, has been designed to engage in over-water and air-defense combat at high speeds.

Pioneering submarine projects

STM is also undertaking important tasks in the submarine modernization and construction projects of the Turkish Navy. Having successfully modernized two AY-Class Submarines as the main contractors, STM is now taking part in the modernization of four Turkish Navy Preveze-Class Submarines as the lead contractor.

Another program in which STM is playing a critical role is the Turkish Navy New Type Submarine Project (Type-214) featuring an Air Independent Propulsion System – taking a significant step in the realization of the Turkish National Submarine Project.

In this context, STM has achieved historic success with the first-time local production of the head section (section 50) that houses the torpedo tubes, adding Turkey to the shortlist of countries in the world with such a capability. There is keen interest in “STM 500”, the company’s small submarine from different parts of the world.

Navies of Different Countries, Ranging from Pakistan to Ukraine, Prefer STM

STM attaches great importance to cost-effectiveness, uninterrupted technical support and knowledge transfer in every project in which it is involved, and creating collaborations that will enhance the defense capabilities of other nations. Under a project that included technology transfer elements, STM began the construction of a Corvette for the Ukrainian Navy in 2021.

In addition, STM has built and delivered the Pakistan Fleet Tanker PNS MOAWIN in Karachi. Designed for the Pakistan Navy, as Turkey’s largest military shipbuilding project to date in tonnage terms. Acting as the main contractor in the modernization of the Agosta 90B Khalid-Class Submarines owned by Pakistan, STM has delivered the first submarine and is currently carrying out the modernization of the remaining two.

Having won the trust of the Pakistan Navy with the success of its projects in the country to date, STM is currently involved in the construction of Four Ada-Class Corvettes, to be built by Turkey for Pakistan. The company is bringing all its engineering capabilities to the project for the procurement and integration of the main propulsion system.

Tactical Mini UAV Systems

The attack and surveillance UAV systems developed by STM using its own engineering and technological capabilities are being used to full effect by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) for the provision of border security, as well as in international operations. A leading and competitive producer both in Turkey and around the world in the field of tactical mini UAV development, STM’s product range consists of

Fixed-Wing Autonomous Tactical Attack UAV System ALPAGU, Rotary-Wing Attack UAV System KARGU, and Autonomous Multi-Rotor Reconnaissance UAV System TOGAN.

Great interest in KARGU among world armies

KARGU, which has been in TAF's inventory since 2018, achieved its first export in 2021, and negotiations are underway with several different countries that have stated an interest in the product. ALPAGU on the other hand stands out with its light structure, its dive speed, its low radar cross-section, its speed, and its ability to cause point damage against key targets. Having completed live-fire tests, ALPAGU will soon be delivered to TAF.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Tactical Mini UAV Kargu (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

STM entrusted with the cyber security of the TAF

Cyber security is another area in which STM is engaged in strategic activities. STM offers integrated services that include cyber threat intelligence, decision support systems, security of applications, and determination of security levels. The STM Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC), the first of its kind in Turkey, has been playing a key role in its field since 2016. STM has established a Cyber Defence Centre for the Turkish Armed Forces and is also engaged in an Information Security Project for the Cyber Crimes Department of the Turkish National Police.

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