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Svernaya verf shipyard continues building project 22350 frigates.

| 2018

Severnaya verf shipyard of the United Shipbuilding Corporation continues batch construction of guided missile frigates of project 22350 and various corvettes, according to the 2017 financial statement published by Corporate Information Disclosure Center.

Svernaya verf shipyard continues building project 22350 frigatesFile picture: Project 22350 under construction at Severnaya verf shipyard

"The shipyard runs a long-term program up to 2022. It includes 22350 frigates, corvettes of projects 20380, 20385, and 20386, communications vessel of project 18280 and a supply vessel of project 23120," it said.

The price of the 921 order for the Admiral Gorshkov frigate was fixed and an additional agreement signed to postpone the commissioning time to November 2018.

Calculations were made in 2017 to include additional costs into existing contracts due to new customer instructions and into state contracts #922-924 for the construction of project 22350 frigates the Admiral Kasatonov, the Admiral Golovko, the Admiral Isakov, contracts #1005-1008 for the Retivy, the Strogy, the Gremyashchy and the Provorny corvettes.

The lead Admiral Gorshkov GM frigate is undergoing acceptance trials (to be completed in 2018). The first serial Admiral Kasatonov began mooring tests (technical readiness exceeded 98 percent in 2017). The second serial Admiral Golovko frigate is prepared for floating, and the hull of the third serial Admiral Isakov is being built.

Severnaya verf is engaged in the construction of project 20380, 20385 and 20386 corvettes. The fourth and fifth serial 20380 corvettes the Retivy and the Strogy, the lead Gremyashchy 20385 GM corvette, the first serial upgraded 20385 Provorny corvette and the lead 20386 Derzky are at various construction stages.

Batch construction of medium reconnaissance ships of project 18280 is ongoing. The lead Elbrus supply vessel of project 23120 completed acceptance trials. The first serial Vsevolod Bobrov vessel has been floated.

"Warships 1234E and 1159T are being upgraded for the Algerian Navy. Facilities have been prepared for potential construction of project 20380 corvettes and 22350 frigates for third countries," the statement said.

In 2017 the shipyard continued implementing the project to build a modern shipbuilding facility on its territory. It has to provide a building complex on the basis of modern technologies to commission available and prospective warships. By 2020 Severnaya verf is to organize production of vessels with a launching mass of up to 25000 tons by bloc, modular and section methods.

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