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Russian Navy Rejects Switch to Chinese Engine for Project 22800 Corvettes.

| 2018

The Russian Navy decided to keep domestic M507 diesel engines on Karakurt-class guided missile corvettes of project 22800, FlotProm online publication said quoting two industry sources.

Karakurt Corvette Project 22800 Karakurt-class small missile boat (corvette) Uragan. Picture: via Russianarms

"The customer considered two options to replace the power plant of Karakurt. The first one was to use gas turbine M-70FRU-R of ODK-Saturn and the second eyed Chinese CHD622V20 diesel engine of Henan Diesel Engine Industry Limited," the source said.

The idea to replace the engines was triggered by disrupted engine supplies by Zvezda Company in St. Petersburg. Deadlines for M507 engine and DGAS-315 diesel generator production for the corvettes are monthly postponed. The delivery of at least six units for Zelenodolsk shipyard was moved from December 31, 2017 to 2018 and some of the units can be delivered only in 2019. The shipyard postponed the commissioning of two corvettes by a year. A similar situation has developed with the supplies of engines and diesel generators to Pella shipyard. It told FlotProm it had to compile another delivery schedule to catch up.

The sources said the military and industry representatives meet every month to discuss supplies for project 22800 corvettes. Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief for armaments Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk personally controls the issue. The customer decided to continue using Russian engines on the corvettes.

Gas turbine engines were rejected as there is no full-fledged batch production (dozens a year) and because project 11356 frigates are the first to be equipped with the engines. The Chinese engine was suggested for project 22800 corvettes in the summer of 2018. Industry representatives polled by FlotProm criticized the idea as it is necessary to change the design and remake available hulls to accommodate the Chinese products. Besides, the Chinese engine cannot develop the required speed.

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