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Russia's Pella shipyard Launched Karakurt-class Corvette Burya.

| 2018

Karakurt-class the Burya guided missile corvette of project 22800 was floated by Pella shipyard in Leningrad region, TASS reported from the site.

Russias Pella shipyard Launched Karakurt class Corvette Burya  Launched of the fourth small rocket ship of the project 22800 "Burya" for the Russian Navy at the Pella Shipbuilding Plant JSC. The new Pantsir-M anti-aircraft missile-gun CIWS is installed on the ship. Otradnoe (Leningrad Region), 10/23/2018. Picture: Ministry of Defense of Russia

"It is a landmark day for us. Let me on behalf of Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Korolev express gratitude for the creation of the warship and hope that the construction pace in 2019 will allow launching factory and running trials and handing over the corvette to the Navy in 2020," deputy head of the shipbuilding department of the Navy Mikhail Krasnopeyev said.

The Burya is the fourth corvette of the project and the third serial one. It was laid in December 2016. Pella also builds the Uragan, the Typhoon and the Shkval corvettes.

Project 22800 corvettes are brown-water multirole missile-artillery boats designed to destroy surface warships and boats and repel air attacks. They have a displacement of 800-900 tons, a speed of 30 knots, cruising capacity of 12 days, a range of 2500 miles and a crew of 39 men. The corvettes are armed with precision missiles (one 8-container universal vertical launcher) and artillery guns.

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