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LIG Nex1 on Track with New Tiger Shark Heavyweight Torpedo.

| 2018

LIG Nex1 is right on track with its Tiger Shark Heavyweight Torpedo System program, Navy Recognition has learned from the South Korean defence company. The Tiger Shark was unveiled last year during the MADEX 2017 naval defense exhibition in Busan, South Korea.

LIG Nex1 on Track with New Tiger Shark Heavyweight Torpedo The new Tiger Shark heavyweight torpedo was unveiled by LIG Nex1 during MADEX 2017.

LIG Nex1 is in charge of developing the new torpedo with ADD (Agency of Defense Development) and the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy). "Currently, we have done and fulfilled all the required tests, and are waiting the contract with DAPA for mass-production; of that we are expecting the second half of next year" said an LIG Nex1 representative involved with the program when we asked him about the current status of Tiger Shark. DAPA is South Korea's defense acquisition program administration.

Information about the developmental tests or detailed performance of the new torpedo are still classified.

Tiger Shark is set to replace the existing White Shark (K731 Baek Sang Eo) heavy weight torpedo in Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy) service. The new torpedo is specifically designed for the Jangbogo III (KSS-III) class submarines (4000+ tons SSK) of the ROK Navy but will be fielded with KSS-II (Son Won-Il U214 class) first. DAPA announced earlier this month that the DSME shipyard will launch the fist KSS-III Submarine in September 2018.

The "Tiger Shark" name is just an LIG Nex1 product name. One in service with the ROK Navy, the heavyweight torpedo will likely get a new, official, designation.

Our video interview on Tiger Shark torpedo during MADEX 2017

We learned during MADEX 2017 that Tiger Shark will be using the same battery type (Li Ion) and technology as the one used on the recent Blue Shark light weight torpedo. Blue Shark (K745 Chung Sang Eo) is deployed on surface ships, maritime helicopters and anti-submarine patrol aircraft as a means to strike enemy submarines. It is capable of penetrating 1.5 meter-thick steel.

According to LIG Nex1, Tiger Shark follows the development of White Shark, Blue Shark and Red Shark. This new version of torpedo is developed to strike enemy surface ships and submarines from a distance and is expected to enhance the viability of submarines.

The torpedo is wire-guided and LIG Nex1 focused on "counter decoys" capability while developing the Tiger Shark. Its range and speed will be "greater compared to the White Shark" we were told while detailed specifications are classified. According to open sources, the White Shark has a speed of 35+ knots and a range of 30 km.

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