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Euronaval 2018: MBDA's MMP Goes to Sea.

| 2018

By Xavier Vavasseur - Editor in Chief
MBDA is working on a navalized variant of its new MMP Missile Moyenne Portée (Medium-Range Missile) fifth generation land combat missile system. This was unveiled to us during the Euronaval 2018 press trip.

Euronaval 2018 MBDAs MMP Goes to Sea 1Test firing of an MMP anti-tank missile from an unknown RHIB during a recent demonstration campaign. MBDA picture.

MBDA is known for fitting its missile solutions on multiple platforms (to be deployed from air, land and sea, when possible) in order to maximize the capabilities of the missiles for the end-user.

MMP can be used at sea in "Fire and Forget" and "man-in-the-loop" modes. Previous generation of anti-tank missiles used "line of sigh" technology which made it impossible to use them at sea.

MBDA stressed that the recent at-sea firing campaign (the most recent firing took place two weeks ago) was a "demonstration to open the capabilities of the anti-tank system" and stressed that there is no naval customer for MMP yet. MBDA explained that MMP when fired from a vessel can hit targets at sea or on a beach.

Euronaval 2018 MBDAs MMP Goes to Sea 2MBDA explained that MMP when fired from a vessel can hit targets at sea or on a beach.

The MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée – Medium-Range Missile) is a portable surface-to-surface launcher missile system developed by the Defense Company MBDA. The development of the MMP started in 2009 initiated by the Company MBDA and the mass production began in 2013. MBDA has won a contract the French army to develop a medium-range missile that could defeat everything from tanks to bunkers to hostile troops in buildings.

MBDA would not confirm, deny or comment, but Navy Recognition believes this test was conducted with the French Navy (Marine Nationale) Commandos Marine as they are looking to increase the offenssive capabilities of the their ECUME RHIB.

MBDA and Zodiac Milpro will be showcasing an ECUME fitted with an MMP launcher during Euronaval 2018.



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