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CNIM new LCX multi-missions landing craft appears at Euronaval 2018.

| 2018

Very fast, travelling at over 20 knots with a 65-tonne payload and over 35 knots with no cargo, the LCX – or Landing Craft Multi-Missions unveiled at Euronaval 2018 by CNIM is a dockable craft of Naval Forces specialising in the reconnaissance, preparation and execution of maritime and amphibious operations from a mothership.

CNIM LCX landing craft Euronaval 2018 002 CNIM's new LCX showcased at Euronaval 2018

The LCX reflects an evolution in the approach to the use of Projection and Command Craft in the French Navy and the US Navy.

With extremely high degrees of seaworthiness and manoeuvrability and designed with a 360° wheelhouse and a built-in command post, the LCX can accommodate anti-submarine and mine warfare troop detachments for conducting or joining reconnaissance, identification and threat-neutralisation operations.

A versatile vessel, the LCX was also designed to take part in logistics operations conducted by Forces projection vessels such as the L-CAT and LCA. In this particular context, it also has the capability to offload nautical amphibious resources as it approaches the coastline.

The LCX is the latest major asset for Forces operating from a mothership. It therefore increases their intervention capability for countering growing regional threats in the subsea environment or during amphibious assaults.

CNIM’LCX has a length of 29.5m, a width of 6.4m and a draft when loaded of 1.3m. It has a deck area of about 80 m². Operated by a crew of 4, the LCX has a nominal load of 65 tons and is self-protected by two 20 mm remotely operated cannons.

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