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1st UNPAV High-Speed Vessel for Italian Navy Special Forces Launched.

| 2018

The first of two UNPAV (Unità Polivalente ad Alta Velocità or high-speed multi-purpose units) was launched on May 26 at the Intermarine shipyard in Messina. The UNPAV is a versatile and modern vessel that will provide support for the operations of the Italian Navy Special Forces.

1st UNPAV High Speed Vessels for Italian Navy Special Forces Launched The launch ceremony of "Angelo Cabrini", the first of two UNPAV. Italian Navy picture.

The "Angelo Cabrini" Ship launched in Messina, is the first of the two High Speed Multifunctional Naval Units, commissioned by the Navy to the Italian shipbuilding company Intermarine Ltd.The event took place in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Navy Admiral of Squad Valter Girardelli, the management of Intermarine Ltd., civil and religious authorities.

The ship was given the name of "Angelo Cabrini", Admiral and raider of the Royal Navy, decorated with the Gold Medal at the Military Valor for the sinking of the English heavy cruiser York, March 26, 1941 in the bay of Suda, in Crete.

In this case, the Cabrini class naval units will provide support for the operations of the Navy Special Forces (Raiders Operational Group - G.O.I.), both in the training phase and in the conduct of the same.

In addition, they will compete in the control of maritime traffic, the contrast of illicit traffic, and security in environments with presence of asymmetric threat and the evacuation of personnel from crisis areas.

1st UNPAV High Speed Vessels for Italian Navy Special Forces Launched 2 This type of vessel may be deployed for a diverse range of missions, at very short notice, covering long distances in less time, and is therefore particularly well suited to providing support for control of immigration flows. Italian Navy picture.

The "Cabrini" Ship is a further example of the remarkable skills and the very high professionalism of our national industry, as a whole of larger industrial groups and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the fruit of the productivity of the "System Country", a product that, like others, characterizes the so-called "Made in Italy", famous and appreciated all over the world" declared Team Admiral Valter Girardelli, Chief of Staff of the Navy.

"Intermarine Ltd. has gained over the years a solid experience and knowledge of issues related to the design and construction of special military vessels with very stringent operational requirements," said Dr. Livio Corghi, Intermarine Ltd. CEO - "We have a prominent position in the international market thanks to the excellent reputation gained with the supply of very special vessels, including the UNPAV and mine hunters, to the most prestigious world military marines. Working with the Italian Navy is certainly a source of great pride and satisfaction. "

Intermarine Ltd. will continue to build the "Angelo Cabrini" Ship at the Messina shipyard, and the delivery is scheduled for the first months of 2020.

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