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Defense & Security News Web TV Channel October 2013 of Army Recognition Company Video


Defence & Security News - Web TV

Saturday, November 2, 2013 01:54 PM
Defense & Security News Web TV Channel October 2013 of Army Recognition Company.
Defense and Security News Web TV of October 2013, a global monthly TV Channel bringing you coverage and reports on military news as well as defense and security, business, technology, exhibition, events, and products with the goal to serve an audience of senior military, government and industry decision-makers throughout the world.
Video Defense Web TV October 2013 Army Recognition Company
Defense & Security News in Brief:

- 00:47 United States to deploy 200 Marine to Sigonella air base in Sicily
- 01:16 Russian Arms Expo 2013, BMPT-72 and Atom 8x8
- 02:24 New Japanese MCV 8x8 maneuver Combat vehicle with 105mm gun
- 02:42 AAD 2014 Africa Aerospace and Defense Show
- 03:06 Canadian soldiers to test new TAPV 4x4 Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle
- 03:22 U.S. Navy launched Missile-3 Block 1 B from USS Lake Erie Cruiser
- 03:50 Chinese Navy Type 052D new guided missile destroyer started sea trials
- 04:24 Dassault Aviation and Thales to modernise ATL2 maritime patrol aircraft
- 04:58 U.S. Navy 33rd Figter Wing reformed VFA-101 Grim Reapers Squadron
- 05:22 French Air Force accepted first production A400M ne generation airlifter

Summary October 2013:

- 05:59 SOFEX 2014 Army Recognition Official Online Show Daily News
- 06:26 Partner 2013 Defense Exhibition in Serbia
(Lazar 2, ALAS missile, YugoImport Self-propelled howitzer)
- 09:27 MSPO 2013 Defense exhibition in Poland
(PL-01 Tank Concept, MSBS assault rifle,BOBR 4x4 personnel carrier, LSV LPU-1)
- 14:44 DSEI 2013 Defense & Security Exhibition in United Kingdom
(Expal Shepherd-Mil UAV, M777 155mm howitzer BAE Systems, RUAG Laso, Damen, Beretta ARX-160A3, Nexter Titus personnel carrier)
- 21:57 Vladivostok, the first of two DCNS LHD amphibious landing ships for Russia
- 27:08 TADTE 2013 Defense industry exhibition in Taiwan
- 31:24 SOFEX 2014 Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference
(Interview Mister Amer Tabbah Exhibition Director SOFEX)

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