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September 2013 Global Defense & Security News Web TV army military industry exhibition Channel

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Saturday, October 5, 2013 06:24 PM
September 2013 International Defense & Security News Web TV Channel
Defense and Security News Web TV (September 2013) Army Recognition is a global news monthly bringing you coverage and reports on military news as well as defense and security, business, technology, exhibition, events, and products with the goal to serve an audience of senior military, government and industry decision-makers throughout the world.

News in brief:

- 00:49 S-350E New Russian-made air defense missile system
- 01:15 Bradley M2A ODS for Iraq
- 01:36 Lockheed Martin THAAD missile contract
- 01:54 German-made Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle hot weather tests
- 02:14 U.S. Army and Marine Corps take delivery of 66 JLTVs
- 02:39 Azerbaijan intends to purchase military equipment from South Korea
- 03:00 French Company DCI launches Almak Maritime Training Ship
- 03:34 CMN export contract for Mozambique
- 04:05 First Rafale fighter aircraft with RBE2 radar for French Air Force
- 04:29 Chinese WZ10 attack helicopter fires first air-to-air missile

Summary Web TV September 2013

- 04:55 IDEF 2013 Defense Exhibition in Turkey
- 10:14 IDET 2013 Defense Exhibition in Czech Republic
- 16:08 Aster 30 SAMP Air defense missile system
- 19:49 Advanced Super Hornet fighter aircraft
- 21:58 U.S. Army modernization soldiers equipment
- 25:11 Eurosatory 2014 Defense Exhibition Interview Patrick Colas des Francs CEO Eurosatory

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