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Defence & Security News - Web TV Army Recognition

Sunday, December 15, 2013 11:09 AM
Defense & Security News Web TV Channel December 2013 of Army Recognition Company.
Defense and Security News Web TV of December 2013, a global monthly TV Channel bringing you coverage and reports on military news as well as defense and security, business, technology, exhibition, events, and products with the goal to serve an audience of senior military, government and industry decision-makers throughout the world.
Video Defense Web TV December 2013 Army Recognition Company
Defense & Security News in Brief:

- 00:45 New Russian S-500 air defense system will enter in service for 2020
- 01:00 United States Army purchases Maveric bird camouflage Unmanned Aerial System
- 01:12 UAE Army signs a contract of $816 million for 6x6 and 4x4 NIMR armoured
- 01:46 Russia will launch the production of Armata new main battle tank in 2016
- 02:18 Huntington Ingalls Industries christened Gerald Ford CVN78 new aircraft carriers
- 02:53 Newest amphibious assault ship America (LHA 6) started sea trials
- 03:38 U.S. Navy successfully completed first flight test of MQ-8C unmanned helicopter
- 04:10 UN Forces uses for first time drone in Democratic Republic of Congo
- 04:43 First flight of Eurofighter aircraft with MBDA Storm Shadow missile
- 05:22 Northrop Grumman starts production of Global Hawk Block 40 for NATO

Summary December 2013:

- 05:40 Visit of Streit Group factory in United Arab Emirates
- 11:41 AUSA 2016 Defense Exhibition & Conference in Washington D.C., United States
- 12:00 Raytheon AI3 missile
- 12:55 Polaris interview Richard Haddad General Manager Polaris Defense
- 13:25 Polaris Defense mortar carrier vehicle Interview Jill H. Theiss Business Manger Development
- 14:19 JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program for U.S. Army at AUSA 2013
- 16:10 AM Genera Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 for Special Forces
- 17:02 Bell Helicopter V-280 Valor at AUSA 2013 Interview Keith Flail Bell Program director
- 17:38 French army at AUSA 2013
- 18:14 Dubai AirShow 2013 United Arab Emirates
- 20:24 U.S. Marine Corps air Power at Dubai AirShow 2013
- 21:46 MBDA Meteor Air-to-Air missile at Dubai AirShow 2013
- 22:23 Chinee Company AVIC at Dubai AirShow 2013
- 23:09 Lockheed Martin EAPS missile Interview Orville Prins at Dubai AirShow 2013
- 23:41 Interview Dr. Fahad S Harhara NIMR Automotive CEO
- 25:14 Interview Major General Claude Van de Voorde Commander Belgian air Force Dubai AirShow 2013
- 27:06 Milipol 2013 Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State security
- 27:57 Paul Boyé helicopter pilot harness with life vest Interview Pierre Poisot
- 29:04 Rheinmetall Defense Vera ballistic protection Interview Christophe Schulz
- 29:58 Thales & Renault Trucks Defense MIDS command post vehicle Interview Charles Maisonneuve Sébastien Sabatier
- 32:14 New FN Minimi Mk3 light machine gun at Milipol 2013
- 33:38 Israel Weapon Industries IWI UZI Pro 9x19mm pistol at Milipol 2013
- 33:50 Israel Weapon Industries IWI Jericho pistol with round chamber indicator Milipol 2013
- 34:11 Meprolight MESLAS sniper's fire-controlled riflescope with laser rangefinder at Milipol 2013

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