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Russia unveils FAB-1500-M54 1.5-ton bomb with UMPK control module.

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Russian propagandists showcased the FAB-1500 guided aerial bomb fitted with a UMPK control module during a demonstration at the defense-industrial complex of the Tactical Missile Armament corporation in the Moscow region, Militarnyi reports. The delegation, led by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, unveiled the FAB-1500-M54 guided aerial bomb.
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Russian FAB-1500-M54 aerial bomb with UMPK gliding module, January 12, 2024 (Picture source: Militarnyi)

This aerial bomb is equipped with a new UMPK module designed specifically for it, responsible for increasing the flight range and satellite-guided precision. The UMPK-1500 module featured in the photos differs from previous models designed for bombs in the 250/500 weight categories. It boasts larger wings and new control surfaces to ensure extended flight range at its weight. Additionally, the bomb has been equipped with a round-shaped overhead aerodynamic fairing to enhance its aerodynamic performance.

The FAB-1500-54 is an unguided high-explosive aerial bomb dating back to the 1954 model. It weighs 1,550 kg, with 675 kg of that being Tonyl explosive. Its purpose is to target industrial, urban, port facilities, and other common objectives when dropped from heights of up to 16,000 m at speeds of up to 1,200 km/h. It appears that the Russian military intends to use this new ammunition to target fortifications and well-fortified positions of the Ukrainian military on the front lines.

As of now, specific information about the bomb's flight range and launch parameters remains undisclosed. However, front-line bombers such as the Su-34 and Su-24 will likely be the carriers, capable of carrying one aerial bomb on the under-fuselage pylon.

Russia initiated work on adapting flight control modules for 1,500-kg bombs at the start of 2023. By early September 2023, there were reports of the first attempts to deploy them in battlefield situations.

It's important to note that Russian aerial bombs equipped with UMPK modules have a history of technical issues and failures, which have previously resulted in incidents, including an incident where bombs were mistakenly dropped on the Russian city of Belgorod, with Russia initially denying the mishap and falsely accusing Ukraine.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Russian FAB-1500-M54 aerial bomb (Picture source: Militarnyi)

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