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Eurosatory 2024: Italian Consortium Iveco Oto Melara Displays Its Centauro II 8x8 Armored Vehicle.

The Italian consortium CIO is currently showcasing its 8x8 armored vehicle, the Centauro II, at Eurosatory 2024, the international defense and security exhibition held in Paris. Renowned for its advanced mobility and protection capabilities, the Centauro II is highlighted by CIO as a major advancement in the field of armored vehicles.
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CIO Centauro II 8X8 Armored Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Designed by CIO, the Centauro II is an impressive armored vehicle that combines power with modern technology. It is equipped with a main cannon that can be either 105 mm or 120 mm, depending on operational needs. The vehicle has a total length of 8.28 meters with the 120 mm cannon, a hull height of 2.10 meters, and 3.68 meters with the turret. Its total width is 3.38 meters with mirrors, reduced to 3.12 meters without them.

The Centauro II boasts exceptional mobility, with a ground clearance of 0.40 meters and a wheelbase of 2.68 meters. It can navigate steep slopes of 80% and lateral slopes of 20%. Its turning radius is less than 90 meters, which is beneficial in confined environments.

In terms of performance, the Centauro II can reach a maximum speed of over 108 km/h on paved roads, with a range exceeding 800 km when traveling at 70 km/h. It can cross trenches over 2 meters wide and ford up to 1.8 meters without preparation. Its independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system provides exceptional adaptability across various terrains.

The Centauro II also offers a NATO-standard ammunition storage capacity, with 12 rounds of 120 mm or 108 mm ready to use, plus options for coaxial machine gun munitions. It is also equipped with advanced protection systems, such as a high-hardness monocoque steel hull with modular options for anti-tank mine and direct ballistic protection. Firefighting and anti-explosion systems ensure the safety of occupants in the crew compartment, engine compartment, and ammunition storage areas.

Power is provided by an IVECO VECTOR V8 EURO III diesel engine, producing 833 kW (720 HP) and a torque of 2800 Nm, paired with an automatic 7-speed forward plus reverse gearbox. The vehicle is operated by a crew of three: a commander, a gunner, and a loader.

The Centauro II stands out not only for its robust offensive capabilities but also for its high mobility and durability, making it suitable for a variety of combat and reconnaissance missions.

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