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Lockheed Martin and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems develop new laser air defense system.

| 2021

According to Anna Ahronheim in The Jerusalem Post, Lockheed Martin and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will work together to develop a ground-based laser weapons system, the companies announced on July 27.
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Artistic depiction of how the innovative laser defense system would function on the battlefield (Picture source: courtesy)

The two companies signed a Principles of Cooperation agreement stating that they will “also explore opportunities to market this system in the U.S.,” read a statement released by Lockheed Martin. “This agreement captures the commitment of Lockheed Martin and Rafael to work together with their respective governments to support this important collaborative opportunity,” the statement said, adding that “the companies will explore opportunities and technology implementations for developing a ground-based laser weapon system”.

Israel’s Defense Ministry has made several breakthroughs in the development of the system that can intercept a variety of aerial threats, including rockets and unmanned aerial vehicles. In comparison with Iron Dome, the method of airborne interception using a powerful laser has many advantages, including a low cost per interception, the ability to effectively intercept long-range threats at high altitudes regardless of weather conditions, and the ability to defend vast areas.


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