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Arms and Security 2017: Infocom introduces Laska multirole UGV.

| 2017

At Arms and Security 2017 exhibition, being held until Oct. 13 in Kiev, a young team of engineers of the Ukrainian company Infocom is introducing a new innovative unmanned ground vehicle, the Laska Unmanned Robotized Platform (URP).

Arms and Security 2017 Infocom introduces Laska multirole UGV 001
Infocom's Laska Unmanned Robotized Platform

Based on a four-wheels all-terrain vehicle chassis, the Laska is designed to perform a large range of tasks: patrolling, reconnaissance, mine clearing, convoying, ammunition delivery, medical evacuation, etc.

This UGV is powered by one 1-cylinder diesel engine with a total output of 19 hp. It also features a 12V power system.

The home-made software includes a wide range of control functions, such as convoy driving, follow the leading vehicle, motion from point A to endpoint, etc. The communication system includes WiFi, Ethernet VPN, radio, and 3G channels. 

Laska's medium range location system comprises wide angle cameras, infrared imager and, optionally, a radar. The close range detection is provided by ultrasonic distance sensor suite (360°). The distant location system includes camera and radar systems. The UGV's monitoring system is based on Scada Siemens WinCC OA. 

The Laska presented during Arms & Security is an armed variant equipped with a RCWS. The later is armed with one PKT 7,62 mm machine gun with 200 rounds. Optics include EO/IR cameras and laser rangefinder. The maximal identification range is 1000 m with EO/IR cameras and 1100 with the laser rangefinder. 

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