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Chilean police accepts nine offers for 4x4 armored vehicle tender.

| 2021

The Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) accepted the proposals from Centurion Armor, Comercial Raptor, Consorcio 7M Group and GIG Abogados SpA, Ferexpo, Innova Tecnológica SpA, SFA Seguridad y Protección Limitada, TSD, Voin Solutions SpA and WLP in the act of opening of bids for the tender for the purchase of two 4x4 armored vehicles, Nicolas Garcia reports in InfoDefensa.
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Phantom 4x4. (Picture source: Isotrex)

The Chilean Investigative Police, as announced by, opened this tender in April to incorporate armored rolling stock of high protection standards that allows providing coverage to the units involved in police procedures and contribute to achieving investigative results efficiently and effectively.

The PDI requires two 4x4 armored vehicles based on a Ford model F-550 chassis. Among other features, they shall have NIJ III armored protection, five doors (including the rear), grab bars in part of their external contour as well as inside, and footrests external sides and rear, both with non-slip elements, and a transport capacity of 10 people. The project, called Armored Vehicle Acquisition Metropolitan Police Region of Santiago PDI Code BIP N ° 40022492-0, has resources delivered by the Metropolitan Regional Government and is part of the Full and Irrevocable Mandate Agreement signed by that entity and the PDI dated July 14, 2020.

According to the bidding rules, the PDI is expected to announce the award of the purchase on July 13, Nicolas Garcia concludes.


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