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Renault Trucks Defense exhibits comprehensive range of armoured vehicles at IDEX 2017 22702172.

| 2017
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19 - 23 February 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Renault Trucks Defense at IDEX 2017
Renault Trucks Defense exhibits comprehensive range of armoured vehicles at IDEX 2017
With a market presence of more than 30 years in all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and with several thousands vehicles in service over the world, VGGS exhibited a comprehensive range at IDEX 2017, mainly through Renault Trucks Defense and its subsidiaries ACMAT and Panhard.
The VAB Mk III Infantry Fighting Vehicle armed with a CMI 90 mm turret at IDEX 2017
Renault Trucks Defense, offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions for protection and mobility at the broader sense, on road and off road, and other systems through a wide range of products designed to meet current challenges: land security, border protection, fight against terrorism, defense, area monitoring, infantry and special forces.

The VAB MK III Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a 6x6, 20-ton, 340 HP armored fighting vehicle provided with ballistic, anti-blast and IED protection, and able to transport 2 crew + 7 troops. The version showcased at IDEX is equipped with a CMI Defence 90 mm turret. The aim of this vehicle is to provide a replacement for the old BTR, M113 and VAB based on the design of a combat proven vehicle and a cheaper price. The layout of the VAB mark 3 is similar to the standard version of the VAB, with engine at the front, the crew compartment in the middle and the troop's area at the rear. New modular design, sufficient payload and innovative electronic architecture allow the VAB Mark III to be used for various missions and to be accommodate with a wide range of weapon systems with a growth potential.

Panhard's PVP Dagger 4x4 light armoured vehicle at IDEX 2017
Panhard's know how is represented by the PVP Dagger APC, a 4x4 disengageable, 5.5-ton, 166 HP liaison vehicle, with various protection levels able to transport 2 crew + 6 troops. The Panhard PVP (Petit Véhicule Protégé = Light Protected Vehicle) Dagger is an all-terrain liaison, air transportable, high mobility, modular, lightweight, armored vehicle developed to meet the requirements of the French Army.

The PVP Dagger has demonstrated its capacity to be one of the most secure combat vehicle available in the military market after the vehicle was exposed to mine blasts on two occasions during the Barkhane operation in March 2015. The PVP offers a protection for the crew STANAG 4569 level 2 and mine floor protection. A large bullet-proof window is mounted at the front of the crew compartment to provide high visibility for the driver and commander vehicle. Two small bullet-proof windows with firing port at the bottom are mounted to each side of the hull. The PVP Panhard has an inside volume of 4.5 m³, providing large inside space area for the crew and soldiers.

RTD finally presented its SHERPA APC XL equipped with Assault Ladder. The Sherpa APC XL is a 4x4, 10.9-ton, 265 HP armored fighting vehicle, available with various protection levels, and able to transport 2 crew + 8 troops. It can be equipped with a 8.50 m height assault ladder. The large internal volume of the APC XL also serves to equip any weapons system. It is particularly suitable for troops transport, internal security and counter-terrorism missions and can serve as a command post.

The Sherpa APC XL equipped with an Assault Ladder at IDEX 2017


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