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LAAD 2017: IVECO adds new member to the Guarani family of armored vehicles 20404171.

| 2017
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International Defence and Security Exhibition
4 - 7 April 2017
Rio, Brazil
Press Release LAAD 2017
LAAD 2017: IVECO adds new member to the Guarani family of armored vehicles
A new member of the VBTP-MR Guarani Family of armored vehicles appeared at the LAAD 2017 defense and security exhibition. Showcased on Iveco's booth was the latest vehicle delivered to the Brazilian Army, a 6x6 version fitted with a new modular add-on armour kit and the Remax remote controlled weapon station produced by the Brazilian company Ares.

The VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6 armored vehicle fitted a Remax remote controlled turret
Ares' Remax turret is a remote controlled weapon station, fully stabilized, for 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm machine guns, designed under the requirements of the Brazilian Army. It features EO/IR optical systems, a laser rangefinder, as well as four 76mm smoke grenade launchers.

The Brazilian Army has signed a contract worth about €2.5 billion with Iveco for supplying VBTP-MR armoured personnel carriers to replace the ageing EE-11 Urutu armoured vehicle employed today by the Brazilian armed forces.

The Guarani Project was created with the objective of reconciling mobility and mission safety in the most diverse terrains. It consists of the development of combat vehicles on the 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 platforms, which will not only be powerful for military attack operations, but will also represent a qualitative leap forward in defense, patrolling, and peace missions.

Planned to withstand different climates and terrains, the Guarani Family of armored vehicles was developed for rapid displacement, as well as crossings rivers and streams.

With a capacity for 11 men, the armored vehicles have a series of technological innovations, such as a low thermal and radar signature, which makes it difficult to locate them by the enemy. Aiming for greater security for its users, the Guarani Family also has GPS navigation, night vision, and armored protection against incendiary armor piercing ammunition.

The Remax RCWS here fitted with a 12,7 mm heavy machine gun
With all its technology developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DCT) and the Iveco company, the so-called Guarani Armored Vehicle, 6x6 category, will have more than ten types of versions, such as mortar (to be used by Infantry and Cavalry weapons), communications, workshop, ambulance, engineering, and chemical and nuclear defense, among others.

This factor demonstrates the versatility of the equipment and its wide range of use with Ground Forces. In this category, at least 203 units were delivered to military organizations across the country. In addition, another 60 have already been produced and are awaiting distribution.

The heaviest category of the 8x8 armored family on wheels is under development by DCT engineers. The light 4x4 multitasking vehicle is being purchased. By the end of the project, the Army will have more than 3,000 vehicles divided among the three categories.



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