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Avionics Services' Caçador UAV receives approval from Brazilian Ministry of Defense 20404173.

| 2017
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Avionics Systems at LAAD 2017
Avionics Services' Caçador UAV receives approval from Brazilian Ministry of Defense
Following the successful test flights of the Caçador UAV in Brazil, Avionics Services SA and IAI are proud to announce at LAAD 2017 that the system was the first RPA to receive the approval of the Ministry of Defense as a Strategic Defense Product .

The Caçador UAV jointly produced by Avionics Services and IAI
The Caçador UAV is a Brazilian version of the Heron-1 UAV, developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Heron is globally operating with more than 20 customers. The Caçador, as product, complies with the requirements of Brazil's DCN (National Content Declaration).

The prototype at Avionics Services base located in Botucatu (SP) successfully completed several test flights, after complying with all regulations and obtaining all the approvals and flight permits required by the Brazilian Government Authorities.

Since signing a cooperation agreement three years ago, IAI and Avionics Services have been working together to establish a strong Brazilian industrial base in the field of unmanned systems. The process included significant efforts to transfer technology and knowledge to ensure greater independence of the Brazilian Industry in the complex field of advanced unmanned systems (ARPs).

The Caçador UAV is a Medium Altitude and Long Range UAV (MALE) capable of flying over 40 hours at altitudes up to 30,000 feet. Its maximum takeoff weight is 1,270kg, which allows the customer to carry 250kg of payloads simultaneously to perform a variety of missions. In addition, the "C" band communication link of the Caçado allows it to reach a combat radius of 250km.

But if it includes a broadband (KU) satellite communication channel, it can operate at distances greater than 1,000 km from its base, with its command and control station located at any strategic point in the country - this capacity adds high value especially for countries with a large territorial extension such as Brazil..

The Caçado is a perfect system for: border control, monitoring of illegal activities, environmental monitoring, pollution control, oil and gas industries, precision agriculture and military application of multiple missions with real-time information.



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