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Sweden Announces Largest Military Support Package for Ukraine Including ASC 890 Aircraft, Missiles, and APCs.

On May 29, 2024, the Swedish government unveiled its 16th and largest military support package to Ukraine since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. This comprehensive package, valued at over one billion euros, includes for the first time ASC 890 long-range radar detection aircraft, RB 99 missiles (AMRAAM), and all of Sweden’s PBV 302 armored personnel carriers. This significant aid package aims to bolster Ukraine’s collective air defense and meet its most urgent needs.
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The ASC 890 long-range radar detection aircraft will be delivered to Ukraine by Sweden for the first time (Picture source: Swedish MoD)

Ukraine’s needs remain immense as Russia intensifies its offensive, targeting both military and civilian infrastructure. In response, Sweden's substantial military assistance will significantly enhance Ukraine’s collective military capacity. Sweden will deliver ASC 890 aircraft to markedly improve Ukraine’s air defense. These aircraft will introduce a new capability against airborne and maritime threats, enhancing Ukraine's ability to detect and engage targets over long distances. The package also includes training, technical equipment, and methodological support for air surveillance and command and control.

The ASC 890 is an advanced Airborne Surveillance and Control aircraft developed to enhance air defense capabilities against both airborne and maritime threats. Entering service in the early 2000s, this aircraft is equipped with sophisticated radar and sensor systems that provide extensive situational awareness and long-range target identification. Its capabilities include real-time data collection, processing, and dissemination, significantly boosting command and control operations. The ASC 890’s ability to operate at high altitudes ensures comprehensive coverage and robust surveillance capabilities, making it a vital asset for modern air defense strategies.

Additionally, Sweden will send its entire stock of PBV 302 armored tracked personnel carriers to aid in the reconstruction of Ukraine’s military brigades. This donation, along with artillery ammunition and maintenance resources for previously supplied equipment, will provide crucial support for Ukraine’s ground operations.

The PBV 302 is an armored tracked personnel carrier originally produced by Hägglunds for the Swedish Armed Forces, entering service in the late 1960s. Designed for troop transport, it provides protection and mobility for infantry units on the battlefield. The PBV 302 features a fully tracked chassis, offering excellent off-road capabilities, and is equipped with a 20mm automatic cannon for self-defense. With its robust armor and capacity to carry up to 10 soldiers, the PBV 302 has been a reliable vehicle for mechanized infantry, contributing to the versatility and effectiveness of ground forces in various operational environments.

The support package also includes the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (RB 99-AMRAAM), reconfigured for ground-based air defense systems. Sweden will replenish its own stock by procuring new missiles to replace the donated ones. To address the immediate need for artillery ammunition, the package includes 155 mm artillery shells to enhance Ukraine’s capability to counter Russian forces effectively.

The RB 99-AMRAAM is a sophisticated missile system designed for both air-to-air and ground-based air defense applications. Originally entering service in the early 1990s, it is capable of engaging targets at medium to long ranges with high precision. The RB 99-AMRAAM features an active radar homing guidance system, allowing it to track and intercept enemy aircraft and missiles with high accuracy. Known for its reliability and effectiveness, this missile has been integrated into various air defense systems, enhancing the capability to counter diverse aerial threats in modern combat scenarios.

Recognizing the temporary impact on its own defense capability, Sweden plans to mitigate this by procuring additional S 106 GlobalEye aircraft and advancing previous orders for two new GlobalEye aircraft. Replacement armored vehicles and artillery shells will also be acquired to maintain Sweden's defense readiness. Beyond military hardware, the package provides surplus fuel transport vehicles, financial support to capability coalitions, funds for large-scale procurement of materiel, and maintenance for previously donated equipment. The Swedish Defence Research Agency will assist Ukraine in establishing its own defense research institute, and Ukraine's command and control capabilities will be further enhanced through the donation of satellite communication terminals with subscriptions.

Since the beginning of Russia's war of aggression in February 2022, Sweden has provided SEK 43.5 billion in support to Ukraine. This latest package underscores Sweden's continued commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense efforts.

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