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DSA 2024: Meet Falcon-SIHA, DASAL's Latest Drone Equipped with a 1000-Shot Rifle.

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At the Defence Service Asia (DSA) 2024 in Malaysia, DASAL introduced the Falcon-SIHA, an advanced rotary-wing drone designed for executing diverse missions efficiently. The Falcon-SIHA features a two-axis stabilized motion system, which allows it to operate with enhanced precision, crucial for deploying its stabilized 5.56 mm rifle capable of carrying up to 1000 rounds. The drone’s recoil-dampening system increases its stability and firing accuracy.

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The Falcon-SIHA by DASAL equipped with a 1000-Shot Rifle at DSA 2024 (Picture source: ArmyRecognition)

This drone is optimized for day and night missions, with capabilities to display and record images and videos in real-time. It supports autonomous and semi-autonomous flights, adjusting to mission requirements as needed. The Falcon-SIHA's smart battery management system ensures continuous mission capability, and it can autonomously return to its base if the communication link is lost.

With a maximum take-off weight of 70 kg, the Falcon SIHA can reach a maximum flight altitude of 3000 meters above sea level and fly at a maximum horizontal speed of 55 km/h. It has a payload capacity of 15 kg, an operational radius of 6 km, and can fly up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

In terms of navigation and communication, the Falcon SIHA includes a redundant GNSS system with tracking mode, and offers optional features such as obstacle avoidance, anti-jam GNSS solutions, and LTE/4G communication capabilities. It can also define no-fly zones and supports various types of map data.

DASAL, a recognized name in the defense sector, continues to expand its range of drones with the Falcon family, which includes models like the Falcon SIHA, Falcon DAD, and Falcon-C15. Each drone is tailored to meet specific needs in various mission environments, demonstrating DASAL’s commitment to innovation and advanced technology.

The Falcon-DAD, also known as the "Drone Hunter," is a rotary-wing drone specifically designed to neutralize or capture threatening drones. Like the Falcon-SIHA, it has a maximum take-off weight of 70 kg, operates within temperatures of -20°C to +50°C, and has an operational radius of 6 km. It can reach a maximum flight altitude of 300 meters and fly up to 25 minutes.

The Falcon DAD is equipped with an integrated net system to effectively capture adversary drones. It also utilizes data from its integrated radar and imagery from an electro-optical and infrared camera system to accurately identify and neutralize aerial threats.

Technical specifications for the Falcon DAD include day and night mission execution, real-time image and video display and recording, autonomous and semi-autonomous flight capabilities, and a plug-and-play gimbal. The drone also features a smart battery management system to support mission endurance.

Additional features include the capability to define no-fly zones, support for various map types compatible with RASTER and DTED formats, and optional functions like obstacle avoidance, anti-jam GNSS solutions, and LTE/4G communication. The system also ensures an autonomous return to base in case of communication link failure.

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